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Transport Sector Management Reform project (TSMR)
The Transport Sector Management Reform project (TSMR) is the current phase of policy and institutional support to the transport sector and to RHD in particular, funded by DFID. The programme started in July 2006 and ends in March 2009.

TSMR (formally called Consolidation of Long Term Investment CPLI) follows a twelve-year programme of technical assistance and institutional support to RHD through the “Institutional Development Component” or IDC. IDC has been linked with successive World Bank Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance (RRMP) Projects.

In addition to its operations at RHD, TSMR is working with the Transport Sector Co-ordination Wing of the Planning Commission. Its main task here is to guide government with the co-ordination of transport programmes at relevant ministries and departments, consistent with accepted policies on transport, poverty alleviation and economic development.

TSMR will continue preparation of a dedicated “Road Maintenance Fund” to provide adequate financing for road maintenance. TSMR supports the Road Fund Establishment Office, which in future will function as a secretariat to the Road Maintenance Fund Board.

At RHD, TSMR supports RHD in fulfilling its essential role of managing and maintaining the network of roads and bridges. For this critical task of asset management, RHD has introduced a number of management systems over the past few years. These systems provide RHD with data and analysis for cost effective management and maintenance of the network.

TSMR focuses on three key systems: RAMS, CMS and Financial Management.

The RHD Asset Management System (RAMS) combines all RHD data systems to arrive at a rational way of deciding which maintenance projects to invest in. An annual cycle of survey, analysis and verification should result in the preparation of a RAMS map. The RAMS map is the guide for all RHD engineers to select and prioritise their spending on maintenance and development projects. This key map should allow the RHD to prepare a budget for road maintenance and inform MoC and Planning Commission decisions regarding budget allocations.

The Central Management System (CMS) is now established within RHD, as the main instrument to monitor the progress of physical work and compare financial payments made against this work. Further support will ensure that CMS is applied throughout the Department, and that its results are actively used for control and management purposes.

The Financial Management System centres around the newly strengthened Financial Management Unit. TSMR will support RHD in introducing a rational Budget Process, consistent with the instructions of the Ministry of Finance for the preparation of a Medium Term Budgetary Framework. The RHD Budget Committee will take the central role in preparing and publishing budgets, and in reviewing accounts data in relation to agreed budget.

One of the key functions of RHD is the maintenance of the national and regional highways through its periodic maintenance programme (PMP). The performance of the RHD can be reasonably assessed through the delivery and the outcomes of this programme. TSMR will look at key aspects of the PMP including the way in which projects are selected for the programme, the preparation of tender documents and how the RHD ensures that its contractors carry out maintenance to the required quality.
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