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Email Address of RHD Officers Home
Sl. No. Post and Office Name Email ID
1 Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer, RHD, (Chief Engineer Office) Ebne Alam Hasan [ID: 001033] ce@rhd.gov.bd
2 Additional Chief Engineer, Technical Assistant for Sub Regional Road Transport Project Preparatory Facility-II (SRTPPF-II), (Zone Office) Riaz Ahmad Jaber [ID: 005019] pd.srtppfii.rhd@gmail.com
3 Additional Chief Engineer, Mymensingh, (Zone Office) Md. Manirul Islam [ID: 005018] acemym@rhd.gov.bd
4 Additional Chief Engineer, Gopalganj, (Zone Office) Tushar Kanti Saha [ID: 000284] acegopalgonj@gmail.com
5 Additional Chief Engineer, Management Services Wing, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Zone Office) Md. Saiful Alam [ID: 005062] acemsw@rhd.gov.bd
6 Additional Chief Engineer, Bridge Management Wing, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Zone Office) Rowshan Ara Khanam [ID: 005023] acebmw@rhd.gov.bd
7 Additional Chief Engineer, Rangpur, (Zone Office) Fakir Abdur Rob [ID: 005147] aceran@rhd.gov.bd
8 Additional Chief Engineer, Sylhet, (Zone Office) Khandaker Golam Mostafa [ID: 005401] acesyl@rhd.gov.bd
9 Additional Chief Engineer, Dhaka, (Zone Office) Md. Abdus Sabur [ID: 005024] acedha@rhd.gov.bd
10 Additional Chief Engineer, Rajshahi, (Zone Office) Md. Habibur Rahman [ID: 000294] aceraj@rhd.gov.bd
11 Additional Chief Engineer, Barishal, (Zone Office) Sushil Kumar Saha [ID: 005435] acebar@rhd.gov.bd
12 Additional Chief Engineer, Planning & Maintenance Wing, Dhaka, (Zone Office) Md. Ashraful Alam [ID: 005394] acepmz@rhd.gov.bd
13 Additional Chief Engineer, Chattogram, (Zone Office) Shoaib Ahmed [ID: 000423] acechi@rhd.gov.bd
14 Additional Chief Engineer, Cumilla, (Zone Office) A.K.M. Manir Hossain Pathan [ID: 000288] acecom@rhd.gov.bd
15 Additional Chief Engineer, Khulna, (Zone Office) Md. Georgis Hossain [ID: 005404] acekhu@rhd.gov.bd
16 Additional Chief Engineer, Technical Services, Dhaka, (Zone Office) A.K.M. Rafiqul Islam [ID: 005420] acets@rhd.gov.bd
17 Additional Chief Engineer (Mechanical), Mechanical Wing, (Zone Office) Md. Rafiqul Islam [ID: 000203] acemw@rhd.gov.bd
18 Project Director (PD) / ACE, 4-Laning of Dhaka-Chattogram Highway Project, (Zone Office) - pddchp@yahoo.com
19 Project Director (PD) / ACE, PD Office, SASEC Roads Connectivity Project-II Improvement of Elenga-Hatikamrul-Rangpur Road Project, (Zone Office) Quazi Shahriar Hossain [ID: 000291] pd.sasecii.rhd@gmail.com
20 Project Director (PD) / ACE, PD (ACE) Office, Cross Border Road Network Improvement Project (Bangladesh), (Zone Office) K.M. Atiqul Hoque [ID: 005217] pdcbrnip@rhd.gov.bd
21 Project Director (PD) / ACE, PD Office, SASEC Roads Connectivity Project: Improvement of Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail-Elenga Road, (Zone Office) Md. Ishaque [ID: 006002] pdsasec@gmail.com
22 Project Director (PD) / ACE, Dhaka-Chattogram Expressway Project, (Zone Office) Md. Ruhul Amin [ID: 000184] pdexpresswayrhd@gmail.com
23 Project Director (PD) / ACE, PD Office, The Kanchpur, Meghna & Gumti 2nd Bridges Construction & Existing Bridges Rehab Project, (Zone Office) Abu Saleh Md Nuruzzaman [ID: 005434] pd.kmg.rhd@gmail.com
24 Project Director (PD) / ACE, PD Office, Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project (BRT Gazipur-Airport), (Zone Office) Mohammad Jawed Alam [ID: 005425] pdrhd.gdsutp@gmail.com
25 Project Director (PD) / ACE, 3rd Shitalakhya Bridge Construction Project, (Zone Office) Md. Shamsul Haque [ID: 005431] pd3rdshita@rhd.gov.bd
26 Project Director (PD) / ACE, PD Office, Joydebpur-Mymensingh Road Improvement Project, Dhaka, (Zone Office) Md. Shamsul Haque [ID: 005431] pdjmrip@rhd.gov.bd
27 Superintending Engineer, Cumilla, (Circle Office) Rana Priya Barua [ID: 005155] secom@rhd.gov.bd
28 Superintending Engineer, Rangamati, (Circle Office) Abu Hena Mohammed Tareq Iqbal [ID: 001500] seranga@rhd.gov.bd
29 Superintending Engineer, Narayanganj, (Circle Office) Md. Amanullah [ID: 005028] senary@rhd.gov.bd
30 Superintending Engineer, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Sabuj Uddin Khan [ID: 005032] sedha@rhd.gov.bd
31 Superintending Engineer, Rangpur, (Circle Office) Md. Mahbubul Alam Khan [ID: 005015] seran@rhd.gov.bd
32 Superintending Engineer, Noakhali, (Circle Office) - senoa@rhd.gov.bd
33 Superintending Engineer, Chattogram, (Circle Office) Abu Hena Mohammed Tareq Iqbal [ID: 001500] sechic@rhd.gov.bd
34 Superintending Engineer, Pabna, (Circle Office) A. K. M. Azad Rahman [ID: 001501] sepab@rhd.gov.bd
35 Superintending Engineer, Khagrachari, (Circle Office) A.K.M. Rafiqul Islam [ID: 005420] sekha@rhd.gov.bd
36 Superintending Engineer, Bogura, (Circle Office) Md. Sadequl Islam [ID: 006003] sebog@rhd.gov.bd
37 Superintending Engineer, Jashore, (Circle Office) Md. Suruz Mia [ID: 007001] sejes@rhd.gov.bd
38 Superintending Engineer, Dinajpur, (Circle Office) Md. Anwarul Amin [ID: 005066] sedin@rhd.gov.bd
39 Superintending Engineer, Rajshahi, (Circle Office) Md. Masum Sarower [ID: 001023] seraj@rhd.gov.bd
40 Superintending Engineer, Monitoring Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Zikrul Islam [ID: 005031] semon@rhd.gov.bd
41 Superintending Engineer, Khulna, (Circle Office) Md. Zakir Hossain [ID: 005168] sekhu@rhd.gov.bd
42 Superintending Engineer, Barishal, (Circle Office) Md. Fazle Rabbe [ID: 005379] sebar@rhd.gov.bd
43 Superintending Engineer, BRRL, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Dr Md. Abdullah Al Mamun [ID: 000414] sebrrl@rhd.gov.bd
44 Superintending Engineer, HDM Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Khaled Shaheed [ID: 001215] sehdm@rhd.gov.bd
45 Superintending Engineer, Procurement Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Mohammad Shabbir Hasan Khan [ID: 000377] sepc@rhd.gov.bd
46 Superintending Engineer, Road Design and Safety Circle, Alenbari, Dhaka, (Circle Office) A.K. Mohammad Fazlul Karim [ID: 005046] serdsc@rhd.gov.bd
47 Superintending Engineer, Maintenance Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Mohammed Abul Kalam Azad [ID: 006008] semc@rhd.gov.bd
48 Superintending Engineer, Planning & Programming, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Abdul Wahid [ID: 005109] seppc@rhd.gov.bd
49 Superintending Engineer, Social and Environment Circle, Allenbari, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Abdul Awal Molla [ID: 000405] sese@rhd.gov.bd
50 Superintending Engineer, RHD Training Centre, Mirpur, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Chandan Kumar Basak [ID: 005051] sethrd@rhd.gov.bd
51 Superintending Engineer, Bridge Cons. & Maintenance Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Shahadat Hossain [ID: 000444] sebcm@rhd.gov.bd
52 Superintending Engineer, Administration & Establishment, SE, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Moniruzzaman [ID: 000422] seae@rhd.gov.bd
53 Superintending Engineer, MIS & Estates Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Roshni-A- Fatimah [ID: 000390] semis@rhd.gov.bd
54 Superintending Engineer, Sylhet, (Circle Office) Mohammad Abdul Halim [ID: 001050] sesyl@rhd.gov.bd
55 Superintending Engineer, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Circle, Dhaka (Planning & Data Circle), (Circle Office) - sepdc@rhd.gov.bd
56 Superintending Engineer, Bridge Design Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Rezaul Karim [ID: 000452] sebd@rhd.gov.bd
57 Superintending Engineer, Moulavi Bazar, (Circle Office) Abu Sayeed Md. Nazmul Huda [ID: 005201] semou@rhd.gov.bd
58 Superintending Engineer, Faridpur, (Circle Office) Md. Zabid Hasan [ID: 006010] sefar@rhd.gov.bd
59 Superintending Engineer, Gopalganj, (Circle Office) Md. Zahangir Alam [ID: 005412] serhdgop@gmail.com
60 Superintending Engineer, Mymensingh, (Circle Office) Md. Ataur Rahman [ID: 005153] semym@rhd.gov.bd
61 Superintending Engineer (Mechanical), Mechanical Circle, Sylhet, (Circle Office) Mohammed Shakhir Ahmmed Chowdhury [ID: 005383] semecsy@rhd.gov.bd
62 Superintending Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Planning Circle, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Md. Jamal Uddin [ID: 005085] sefpcdha@rhd.gov.bd
63 Superintending Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Circle, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Mohammed Shakhir Ahmmed Chowdhury [ID: 005383] sefcdha@rhd.gov.bd
64 Superintending Engineer (Mechanical), Mechanical Circle, Barishal, (Circle Office) Md. Rafiqul Haque Talukder [ID: 001044] semecbar@rhd.gov.bd
65 Superintending Engineer (Mechanical), Equipment Control & Procurement Circle, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Swapan Kumer Mridha [ID: 005158] seecp@rhd.gov.bd
66 Superintending Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Circle, Dhaka, (Circle Office) Muslehuddin Ahmed [ID: 000257] sewdha@rhd.gov.bd
67 Chief Transport Economist, Economics Circle, (Circle Office) Marufa Ismat [ID: 000905] cte@rhd.gov.bd
68 Director (Audit & Accounts), Audit & Accounts Office, (Division Office) - daa@rhd.gov.bd
69 Project Director (PD) / SE, PD Office, Paira Bridge (Lebukhali Bridge) over the river Paira on Barishal-Patuakhali Road, (Circle Office) Noor E-Alam [ID: 005074] pdpb@rhd.gov.bd
70 Project Director (PD) / SE, Project Director's Office, 3rd Karnaphuli Bridge Project, (Circle Office) Abu Hena Mohammed Tareq Iqbal [ID: 001500] pdtkbp@gmail.com
71 Project Director (PD) / SE, PD (SE) Office, Construction Itna-Mithamine-Austragram Road Project, (Circle Office) Md. Manirul Islam [ID: 005018] pditna@rhd.gov.bd
72 Project Director (PD) / SE, PD Office, Construction of 4-Lane Flyover at Bhulta on Dhaka-Sylhet National Highway Project, (Circle Office) - pdbhulta@gmail.com
73 Project Director (PD) / SE, 7th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge (Kazirtack) Project, (Circle Office) Khan Md. Kamrul Ahsan [ID: 005081] kahsan86@yahoo.com
74 Additional Project Director (APD) / SE, APD Office, 3rd Shitalakhya Bridge Construction Project, (Circle Office) Shishir Kanti Routh [ID: 000397] rhd.shitalakhya@gmail.com
75 Senior System Analyst, Senior System Analyst, (Circle Office) Kazi Sayeda Momtaz [ID: 000903] ssa@rhd.gov.bd
76 Executive Engineer, Netrokona, (Division Office) Md. Didarul Alam Tarafder [ID: 601978] eenet@rhd.gov.bd
77 Executive Engineer, Tangail, (Division Office) Mohammad Amimul Ehsan [ID: 602197] eetan@rhd,gov.bd
78 Executive Engineer, Kishoreganj, (Division Office) Md. Rashedul Alam [ID: 601958] eekis@rhd.gov.bd
79 Executive Engineer, Mymensingh, (Division Office) Md. Masud Khan [ID: 601926] eemym@rhd.gov.bd
80 Executive Engineer, Jamalpur, (Division Office) Md. Mostafizur Rahman [ID: 602158] eejam@rhd.gov.bd
81 Executive Engineer, Sherpur, (Division Office) - eeshed@rhd.gov.bd
82 Executive Engineer, Rajbari, (Division Office) Khairul Basar Mohammad Saddam Hossain [ID: 602201] eeraj@rhd.gov.bd
83 Executive Engineer, Gopalganj, (Division Office) K.M. Shariful Alam [ID: 602210] eegopal@rhd.gov.bd
84 Executive Engineer, Madaripur, (Division Office) Mohammad Jahangir Alam [ID: 601929] eemad@rhd.gov.bd
85 Executive Engineer, Sariatpur, (Division Office) Zakir Hossain [ID: 602186] eesard@rhd.gov.bd
86 Executive Engineer, Faridpur, (Division Office) K.M. Naquibul Bari [ID: 602220] eefar@rhd.gov.bd
87 Executive Engineer, Moulavi Bazar, (Division Office) Sheikh Sohel Ahmed [ID: 602145] eemou@rhd.gov.bd
88 Executive Engineer, Sunamganj, (Division Office) Md. Shafikul Islam [ID: 601938] eesun@rhd.gov.bd
89 Executive Engineer, Sylhet, (Division Office) Utpal Samanta [ID: 005045] eesyl@rhd.gov.bd
90 Executive Engineer, Monitoring & Evaluation Division, Dhaka Zone (Bridge Maintenance Programming), (Division Office) Abul Barkot Md. Khurshid Alam [ID: 602146] bmp.rhd@gmail.com
91 Executive Engineer, Habiganj, (Division Office) Mohammed Zahirul Islam [ID: 601992] eehab@rhd.gov.bd
92 Executive Engineer, Bridge Design Division-3, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Abdur Rahman Kaoser [ID: 601960] ee3bd@rhd.gov.bd
93 Executive Engineer, Bridge Design Division-1, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Najmul Hasan [ID: 601954] ee1bd@rhd.gov.bd
94 Executive Engineer, Planning & Design Division, Dhaka Zone, Dhaka (Bridge Inspection & Planning), (Division Office) A. K. Shamsuddin Ahmed [ID: 000379] eebip@rhd.gov.bd
95 Executive Engineer, Bridge Cons. & Main. -4, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Rehana Haque [ID: 001037] ee4bcm@rhd.gov.bd
96 Executive Engineer, Bridge Cons. & Main. Division-2, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Golam Mostofa [ID: 602207] ee2bcm@rhd.gov.bd
97 Executive Engineer, Bridge Design Division-2, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammed Yousuf [ID: 602141] ee2bd@rhd.gov.bd
98 Executive Engineer, Enquiry Division, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Abu Ehtesham Rashed [ID: 001021] eeed@rhd.gov.bd
99 Executive Engineer, Bridge Cons. & Main. -1, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Shariful Alam [ID: 602177] ee1bcm@rhd.gov.bd
100 Executive Engineer, Land Record and Acquisition Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Asfia Sultana [ID: 602204] eelra@rhd.gov.bd
101 Executive Engineer, Administration & Establishment, EE, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Mohibul Haque [ID: 601931] eeae@rhd.gov.bd
102 Executive Engineer, EE, RHD Training Centre, (Division Office) - ddthrd@rhd.gov.bd
103 Executive Engineer, EE, RHD Training Centre, (Division Office) Md. Tanveer Hussein [ID: 602180] ddthrd@rhd.gov.bd
104 Executive Engineer, Road Design and Standard Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mst. Mahafuza Rahman [ID: 602172] eerds@rhd.gov.bd
105 Executive Engineer, Road Safety, EE, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammad Shaheen Sarker [ID: 601921] eers@rhd.gov.bd
106 Executive Engineer, Environment Division, Allenbari, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Santanu Palit [ID: 602206] eeenv@rhd.gov.bd
107 Executive Engineer, Resettlement Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Syeda Sausan Farid [ID: 602175] eerd@rhd.gov.bd
108 Executive Engineer, Materials Testing & Maintenance, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammad Bulbul Hossain [ID: 602144] eemtm@rhd.gov.bd
109 Executive Engineer, Quality Control Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Areena Mannan [ID: 602149] eeqc@rhd.gov.bd
110 Executive Engineer, Soil Investigation, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Zahangir Alam [ID: 601915] eesi@rhd.gov.bd
111 Executive Engineer, Documentation and Procurement,EE, Dhaka, (Division Office) Nishat Noman [ID: 601982] eedp@rhd.gov.bd
112 Executive Engineer, Contract Evaluation Division, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Ahsan Habib [ID: 601922] eeced@rhd.gov.bd
113 Executive Engineer, Monitoring Division, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Salim Azad Khan [ID: 602137] eemon@rhd.gov.bd
114 Executive Engineer, Planning Division-1, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammed Masud Karim [ID: 601918] eepd1@rhd.gov.bd
115 Executive Engineer, Programming Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Ashma Akhter Jahan [ID: 000436] eepd@rhd.gov.bd
116 Executive Engineer, Evaluation Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Shamima Nargis [ID: 601965] eeeva@rhd.gov.bd
117 Executive Engineer, Planning Division-2, Dhaka, (Division Office) - eepld2528@gmail.com
118 Executive Engineer, Periodic Maintenance Division-2, Dhaka, (Division Office) Santosh Kumar Roy [ID: 007003] eepmd2@rhd.gov.bd
119 Executive Engineer, Database Division, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Reazur Rahman Rajon [ID: 602191] eedb@rhd.gov.bd
120 Executive Engineer, HDM Operation Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) K. M. Noor-E Alam [ID: 006004] eeodwest@rhd.gov.bd
121 Executive Engineer, Routine Maintenance Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Parveen Sultana [ID: 601916] eerm@rhd.gov.bd
122 Executive Engineer, Jhalokati, (Division Office) - eejha@rhd.gov.bd
123 Executive Engineer, Pirojpur, (Division Office) Masud Mahmud Sumon [ID: 602165] eepird@rhd.gov.bd
124 Executive Engineer, Barishal, (Division Office) Kh. Golam Mostafa [ID: 602133] eebar@rhd.gov.bd
125 Executive Engineer, Barguna, (Division Office) A.H.M. Javed Hossain Talukdar [ID: 602211] eebargu@rhd.gov.bd
126 Executive Engineer, Bhola, (Division Office) Pankaj Bhowmik [ID: 602209] eebho@rhd.gov.bd
127 Executive Engineer, Patuakhali, (Division Office) Shah Mohammad Shams mokaddas [ID: 601930] eepat@rhd.gov.bd
128 Executive Engineer, Satkhira, (Division Office) Md. Monzurul Karim [ID: 602000] eesatd@rhd.gov.bd
129 Executive Engineer, Khulna, (Division Office) Tapashi Das [ID: 005347] eekhu@rhd.gov.bd
130 Executive Engineer, Bagerhat, (Division Office) Md. Anisuzzaman Masud [ID: 601952] eebeg@rhd.gov.bd
131 Executive Engineer, Magura, (Division Office) Md. Nazrul Islam [ID: 602142] eemag@rhd.gov.bd
132 Executive Engineer, Jashore, (Division Office) Md. Abdur Rahim [ID: 005111] eejes@rhd.gov.bd
133 Executive Engineer, Narail, (Division Office) Md. Farid Uddin [ID: 602218] eenara@rhd.gov.bd
134 Executive Engineer, Jhenaidah, (Division Office) S.M. Moazzem Hossain [ID: 602176] eejhe@rhd.gov.bd
135 Executive Engineer, Chuadanga, (Division Office) Mohammed Ziaul Haider [ID: 601933] eechu@rhd.gov.bd
136 Executive Engineer, Naogaon, (Division Office) Mohammad Hamidul Huq [ID: 601970] eenao@rhd.gov.bd
137 Executive Engineer, Nawabganj, (Division Office) A.Z.M. Farhan Daud [ID: 602190] eenaw@rhd.gov.bd
138 Executive Engineer, Kushtia, (Division Office) Md. Rafiqul Islam [ID: 601951] eekus@rhd.gov.bd
139 Executive Engineer, Sirajganj, (Division Office) Md. Ashraful Islam Pk [ID: 602162] eeshid@rhd.gov.bd
140 Executive Engineer, Natore, (Division Office) Md. Nurun Nabi Tarafdar [ID: 601927] eenat@rhd.gov.bd
141 Executive Engineer, Rajshahi, (Division Office) Md. Shamsuzzoha [ID: 602202] eerajs@rhd.gov.bd
142 Executive Engineer, Rangpur, (Division Office) Md. Shazedur Rahman [ID: 602167] eeran@rhd.gov.bd
143 Executive Engineer, Lalmonirhat, (Division Office) Ali Noor Aine [ID: 602187] eelal@rhd.gov.bd
144 Executive Engineer, Pabna, (Division Office) Samiran Roy [ID: 005099] eepab@rhd.gov.bd
145 Executive Engineer, Nilphamari, (Division Office) A.K.M. Hamidur Rahman [ID: 602131] eenil@rhd.gov.bd
146 Executive Engineer, Panchgarh, (Division Office) - eepan@rhd.gov.bd
147 Executive Engineer, Kurigram, (Division Office) Amir Hossain [ID: 602205] eekur@rhd.gov.bd
148 Executive Engineer, Bogura, (Division Office) Md. Ashrafuzzaman [ID: 602164] eebog@rhd.gov.bd
149 Executive Engineer, Joypurhat, (Division Office) Md. Tanvir Siddique [ID: 601972] eejoy@rhd.gov.bd
150 Executive Engineer, Thakurgaon, (Division Office) A.K.M. Shafiquzzaman [ID: 602189] eetha@rhd.gov.bd
151 Executive Engineer, Bandarban, (Division Office) Md. Sajib Ahamed [ID: 602184] eeban@rhd.gov.bd
152 Executive Engineer, Gaibanda, (Division Office) Md. Asaduzzaman [ID: 602153] eegai@rhd.gov.bd
153 Executive Engineer, Dinajpur, (Division Office) Suniti Chakma [ID: 602147] eedin@rhd.gov.bd
154 Executive Engineer, Cox's Bazar, (Division Office) Pintu Chakma [ID: 602219] eecox@rhd.gov.bd
155 Executive Engineer, Chattogram, (Division Office) Zulfiquar Ahmed [ID: 602138] eechi@rhd.gov.bd
156 Executive Engineer, Rangamati, (Division Office) - eeranga@rhd.gov.bd
157 Executive Engineer, Chandpur, (Division Office) Zahirul Islam [ID: 602150] eecha@rhd.gov.bd
158 Executive Engineer, Dohazari, (Division Office) Mohammad Jahed Hossain [ID: 601962] eedoh@rhd.gov.bd
159 Executive Engineer, Khagrachari, (Division Office) Sakil Mohammad Faysal [ID: 602216] eekha@rhd.gov.bd
160 Executive Engineer, Noakhali, (Division Office) Binoy Kumar Paul [ID: 602170] eenoa@rhd.gov.bd
161 Executive Engineer, Cumilla, (Division Office) Mofazzal Haider [ID: 601966] eecom@rhd.gov.bd
162 Executive Engineer, Brahmanbaria, (Division Office) Mohammed Shamim Al Mamun [ID: 601967] eebra@rhd.gov.bd
163 Executive Engineer, Feni, (Division Office) Mohammad Jahid Hossain [ID: 602183] eefen@rhd.gov.bd
164 Executive Engineer, Laxmipur, (Division Office) Subrata Datta [ID: 601979] eelax@rhd.gov.bd
165 Executive Engineer, Manikganj, (Division Office) Md. Amdad Hossen [ID: 612155] eeman@rhd.gov.bd
166 Executive Engineer, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammad Mahade Iqbal [ID: 601956] eedha@rhd.gov.bd
167 Executive Engineer, Gazipur, (Division Office) Dewan Abul Kashem Md. Nahin Reza [ID: 602143] eegaz@rhd.gov.bd
168 Executive Engineer, Narsingdi, (Division Office) Dr. Mohammad Ahad Ullah [ID: 602136] eenar@rhd.gov.bd
169 Executive Engineer, Narayanganj, (Division Office) Md. Aliul Hossain [ID: 601977] eenary@rhd.gov.bd
170 Executive Engineer, Munshiganj, (Division Office) Md. Mamunur Rashid [ID: 602140] eemun@rhd.gov.bd
171 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Division, Feni, (Division Office) Gunjan Barua [ID: 602263] eewfen@rhd.gov.bd
172 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammad Golam Robbani [ID: 601928] eewdha@rhd.gov.bd
173 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Division, Mymensingh, (Division Office) - eewmym@rhd.gov.bd
174 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Equipment Control Division, Bogura, (Division Office) Md. Shafiqul Islam [ID: 601941] eeecdbog@rhd.gov.bd
175 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Procurement & Storage Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Firoz Akhtar [ID: 601939] eepsdha@rhd.gov.bd
176 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Equipment Control Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Mohammad Sarowar Jahan [ID: 602222] eeecddha@rhd.gov.bd
177 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Procurement & Storage Divn, Chattogram, (Division Office) Mohammad Monjurul Hoque [ID: 601950] eepschi@rhd.gov.bd
178 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Maintenance Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Mominul Islam [ID: 602221] eefmddha@rhd.gov.bd
179 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Construction Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) - eefcddha@rhd.gov.bd
180 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Division, Sylhet, (Division Office) Mohammad Monjurul Hoque [ID: 601950] eefdsyl@rhd.gov.bd
181 Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Division, Rajshahi, (Division Office) Md. Abdul Awal [ID: 602293] eewraj@rhd.gov.bd
182 Executive Transport Economist, Economics Policy & Planning, (Division Office) Jakia Shamsunnahar [ID: 000906] eeepp@rhd.gov.bd
183 Executive Transport Economist, Road User Costs, (Division Office) MD. Emtiazul Huq Joardar [ID: 000913] ete1@rhd.gov.bd
184 Computer System Analyst, Management Information Cell, (Division Office) - csa@rhd.gov.bd
185 Deputy Director (Security), Security Office, Dhaka, (Division Office) - eesod@rhd.gov.bd
186 Project Manager (PM) / EE, Project Manager-5 Office (Chattogram), 4 Laning of Dhaka-Chattogram Highway Project, (Division Office) Zulfiquar Ahmed [ID: 602138] masud.ln5.44@gmail.com
187 Project Manager (PM) / EE, Project Manager-3 Office (Feni), 4 Laning of Dhaka-Chattogram Highway Project, (Division Office) Santosh Kumar Roy [ID: 007003] pmfeni@yahoo.com
188 Project Manager (PM) / EE, The Kanchpur, Meghna and Gumti 2nd Bridges Construction & Existing Bridges Rehab Project (Kanchpur), (Division Office) Md. A. Alim Khan [ID: 601955] pm.kanchpur@gmail.com
189 Project Manager (PM) / EE, PM-1 Office, SASEC Road Conectivity Project: Improvement of Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail-Elenga Road, (Division Office) Md. Hafizur Rahman [ID: 005059] pm1sasec@gmail.com
190 Project Manager (PM) / EE, PM-Sylhet Office (Contract No.-4), Eastern Bangladesh Bridge Improvement Project, (Division Office) Bikash Chandra Das [ID: 000382] pm4_ebbip@yahoo.com
191 Project Manager (PM) / EE, PM-1 Office, Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project (BRT, Gazipur-Airport), (Division Office) - pm1rhd.gdsuto@gmail.com
192 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sub-Divisional Engineer's Office, 3rd Karnaphuli Bridge Project, (Sub Division Office) Asik Kadir [ID: 602244] asik.kadir.rhd@gmail.com
193 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bridge Cons. & Main. Division-2, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Jahangir Hossain [ID: 100041] sdebcm2@rhd.gov.bd
194 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bridge Cons. & Main. -4, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) - sdebcm4@rhd.gov.bd
195 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bridge Design Division-3, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) - sdebd3@rhd.gov.bd
196 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Information Services Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) - sdeis@rhd.gov.bd
197 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Road Safety, EE, Dhaka, (Division Office) Nahida Sultana [ID: 602275] sders@rhd.gov.bd
198 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Environment Division, Allenbari, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Division Office) Masuma Khatun [ID: 301660] sdeenv@rhd.gov.bd
199 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Quality Control Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) - sdeqc@rhd.gov.bd
200 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Soil Investigation, Dhaka, (Division Office) Annesha Das Hasi [ID: 602252] sdesi@rhd.gov.bd
201 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Programming Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) - sdeprsd@rhd.gov.bd
202 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Monitoring Division, Sarak Bhaban, Dhaka, (Division Office) Ashis Mukharjee [ID: 602235] sdem@rhd.gov.bd
203 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Routine Maintenance Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) - sderm@rhd.gov.bd
204 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Data Collection Division, Dhaka, (Division Office) Md. Shahriar Rumi [ID: 602241] sdedc@rhd.gov.bd
205 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Narsingdi, (Sub Division Office) Md. Hamidul Islam [ID: 602240] sdersdn@rhd.gov.bd
206 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Shibpur, (Sub Division Office) Mahmud Hassan [ID: 601987] sdersds@rhd.gov.bd
207 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Narayanganj-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdus Sattar Sheikh [ID: 301583] sdenrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
208 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Vitikandi, (Sub Division Office) Shahriar Sharif Khan [ID: 602247] sdevrsdn@rhd.gov.bd
209 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sreenagar, (Sub Division Office) Tuhin Al Mamun [ID: 602230] sdesrsd@rhd.gov.bd
210 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Narayanganj-2, (Sub Division Office) Md. Shakhawat Hossain [ID: 500040] sdenrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
211 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Keraniganj, (Sub Division Office) Md. Sayed Alam [ID: 601887] sdekrsdm@rhd.gov.bd
212 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Munshiganj, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdur Rahman [ID: 602309] sdemursd@rhd.gov.bd
213 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Tongi, (Sub Division Office) Shammi Sultana [ID: 602257] sderhdtongi@gmail.com
214 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Manikganj, (Sub Division Office) Abdur Rahim [ID: 602227] sdemrsd@rhd.gov.bd
215 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Nayarhat, (Sub Division Office) Md. Atiqullah Bhuiyan [ID: 602233] sdenrsdm@rhd.gov.bd
216 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Dhaka, Sub-division - 2, (Sub Division Office) - sdersd2@rhd.gov.bd
217 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Gazipur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdullah Al Baki [ID: 101533] sdersd2j@rhd.gov.bd
218 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Joydepur-1, (Sub Division Office) A.K.M. Shamsuzzoha [ID: 602248] sdersd1j@rhd.gov.bd
219 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Dhaka, Sub-division - 1, (Sub Division Office) Shinthia Azmeri Khan [ID: 602214] sdersd1@rhd.gov.bd
220 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kallayanpur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Monsurul Aziz [ID: 602238] sdekrsd@rhd.gov.bd
221 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chatkhil, (Sub Division Office) A. F.Md. Shamsuddoha [ID: 100483] sdecrsdn@rhd.gov.bd
222 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Noakhali, (Sub Division Office) Syed Halimur Rahman [ID: 602243] sdenrsd@rhd.gov.bd
223 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Ramgonj, (Sub Division Office) Md. Mostafa Chowdhury [ID: 601792] sderrsdl@rhd.gov.bd
224 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Laxmipur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdul Quader [ID: 350003] sdelrsd@rhd.gov.bd
225 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Feni-1, (Sub Division Office) - sdefrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
226 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Feni-2, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdus Shahid [ID: 301663] sdefrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
227 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Gouripur, (Sub Division Office) - sdegrsdc@rhd.gov.bd
228 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chandpur, (Sub Division Office) Kazi Md. Iqbal [ID: 601831] sdersdchan@rhd.gov.bd
229 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Cumilla, (Sub Division Office) Md. Reza-E- Rabbi [ID: 602273] sdecrsd@rhd.gov.bd
230 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Khagrachari-1, (Sub Division Office) Sabuj Chakma [ID: 602314] sdekharsd1@rhd.gov.bd
231 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Ramghar, (Sub Division Office) - sderamrsd@rhd.gov.bd
232 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Manikchari, (Sub Division Office) - sdemanrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
233 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sitakunda, (Sub Division Office) Md. Rabiul Hossain [ID: 401911] sdesrsdc@rhd.gov.bd
234 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Cox's Bazar-1, (Sub Division Office) Shafique Raihan Shovon [ID: 602276] sdecoxrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
235 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chakoria, (Sub Division Office) Masodur Rahman [ID: 300473] sdechorsdc@rhd.gov.bd
236 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Patiya, (Sub Division Office) Md. Sakhawat Hossain [ID: 602286] sdeprsdd@rhd.gov.bd
237 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Cox's Bazar - 2, (Sub Division Office) Mujibur Rahman [ID: 401901] sdecoxrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
238 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Fatikchari, (Sub Division Office) Maksudur Rahman [ID: 602304] sdefrsdc@rhd.gov.bd
239 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chattogram, (Sub Division Office) Sowmya Talukder [ID: 602316] sdechirsd@rhd.gov.bd
240 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Dohazari, (Sub Division Office) Tahsina Binte Islam [ID: 602303] sdedohrsd@rhd.gov.bd
241 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rangamati-1, (Sub Division Office) - sderanrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
242 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rangamati-1, (Sub Division Office) Shankar Chandra Paul [ID: 350060] sderanrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
243 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rangamati-2, (Sub Division Office) - sderanrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
244 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bandarban-1, (Sub Division Office) A.T.M Motaher Hossain Khandaker [ID: 500024] ee.ban@rhd.gov.bd
245 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bandarban-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdebanrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
246 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Joypurhat, (Sub Division Office) Sree Haridas Chandra Roy [ID: 400759] sdejoyrsd@rhd.gov.bd
247 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bogura, (Sub Division Office) Md. Tanimul Hoque [ID: 602231] sdebogrsd@rhd.gov.bd
248 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sherpur (Bogura), (Sub Division Office) Mallik Rasedul Bari Ibne Quddus [ID: 300340] sdeshersdb@rhd.gov.bd
249 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Phulbari, (Sub Division Office) Kamini Kanta Roy [ID: 300747] sdephursdd@rhd.gov.bd
250 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Palashbari, (Sub Division Office) Muhamod Shafiqul Islam Mollah [ID: 600596] sdepalrsdg@rhd.gov.bd
251 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Gaibanda, (Sub Division Office) Mahmud Al-Nur Salehin [ID: 602300] sdegairsd@rhd.gov.bd
252 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Thakurgaon, (Sub Division Office) Gowranga Chandra Barman [ID: 300772] sdetharsd@rhd.gov.bd
253 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Dinajpur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Kamrul Hasan Sarkar [ID: 602312] sdedinrsd@rhd.gov.bd
254 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Dinajpur, (Sub Division Office) - sdedinrsd@rhd.gov.bd
255 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Panchgarh, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdul Mukit [ID: 101528] sdepanrsd@rhd.gov.bd
256 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Nilphamari, (Sub Division Office) - sdenil@rhd.gov.bd
257 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rangpur-2, (Sub Division Office) - sderangrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
258 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rangpur-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Firoz Akhter [ID: 602249] sderangrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
259 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Lalmonirhat, (Sub Division Office) Md. Baktiar Alam [ID: 400761] sdelalrsd@rhd.gov.bd
260 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kurigram - 2, (Sub Division Office) - sdekursd2@rhd.gov.bd
261 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kurigram - 1, (Sub Division Office) Syed Mahfuzar Rahman [ID: 600600] sdekurrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
262 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sirajgonj-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdesirrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
263 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Ullapara, (Sub Division Office) Abul Kalam Muhammad Zahurul Alam Khan [ID: 100435] sdeursds@rhd.gov.bd
264 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Pabna-2, (Sub Division Office) Md. Sultan Mahmud [ID: 602281] sdepabrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
265 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sirajgonj-1, (Sub Division Office) Mohammad Anawer Pervez [ID: 602278] sdesirrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
266 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Pabna-1, (Sub Division Office) - sdepabrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
267 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Natore-2, (Sub Division Office) A.K.M. Omar Faruque [ID: 100447] sdenatrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
268 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Natore-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Altaf Hossain [ID: 350044] sdenatrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
269 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rajshahi-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Eunus Ali [ID: 100409] sderajrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
270 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rajshahi-2, (Sub Division Office) Sanjida Afrin Jhinuk [ID: 602251] sderajrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
271 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Shibgonj, (Sub Division Office) - sdeshibrsdn@rhd.gov.bd
272 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Nawabganj, (Sub Division Office) A.M. Atique Ullah [ID: 602311] sdenowrsd@rhd.gov.bd
273 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Naogaon, (Sub Division Office) Abul Monsur Ahmed [ID: 602288] sdenoarsd@rhd.gov.bd
274 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Patnitala, (Sub Division Office) - sdepatrsdn@rhd.gov.bd
275 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chuadanga, (Sub Division Office) Md. Adam Ali [ID: 600493] sdechursd@rhd.gov.bd
276 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chuadanga, (Sub Division Office) - sdechursd@rhd.gov.bd
277 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kushtia, (Sub Division Office) - sdekus@rhd.gov.bd
278 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Jhenaidah, (Sub Division Office) Tanvir Ahmed [ID: 602308] sdejhersd@rhd.gov.bd
279 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Jashore-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Mamun Hossain Khan [ID: 602289] sdejesrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
280 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Meherpur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Masudur Rahman [ID: 600522] sdemehrsd@rhd.gov.bd
281 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Jashore-2, (Sub Division Office) Syed Shafiqun Nabi [ID: 600545] sdejesrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
282 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Narail, (Sub Division Office) - sdenararhd@rhd.gov.bd
283 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Magura, (Sub Division Office) - sdemagrsd@rhd.gov.bd
284 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Khulna-2, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdul Momen [ID: 100448] sdekhursd2@rhd.gov.bd
285 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Khulna-1, (Sub Division Office) - sdekhursd1@rhd.gov.bd
286 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Satkhira-1, (Sub Division Office) - sdesatrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
287 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Satkhira-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdesatrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
288 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bagerhat-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Nazrul Islam [ID: 602262] sdebagrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
289 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bagerhat-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdebagrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
290 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kuakata, (Sub Division Office) - sdekkrsdpat@rhd.gov.bd
291 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Barishal-2, (Sub Division Office) Md. Firoz Azam Khan [ID: 401817] sdebarrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
292 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Barguna, (Sub Division Office) - sdebarrsd@rhd.gov.bd
293 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Patuakhali, (Sub Division Office) Md. Belayet Hossain [ID: 400851] sdepatrsd@rhd.gov.bd
294 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Charfession, (Sub Division Office) - sdecharsdbho@rhd.gov.bd
295 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Pirojpur, (Sub Division Office) SK. Aktar Ali [ID: 007006] sdepirrsd@rhd.gov.bd
296 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kawkhali, (Sub Division Office) Md. Wahiduzzaman [ID: 101118] sdekawrsdpir@rhd.gov.bd
297 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Jhalokati, (Sub Division Office) Sheikh Nabil Hossain [ID: 602255] sdejharsd@rhd.gov.bd
298 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Barishal-1, (Sub Division Office) Dulal Kumar Pramanik [ID: 300833] sdebarrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
299 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bhola, (Sub Division Office) Md. Nazmul Islam [ID: 602232] sdebhorsd@rhd.gov.bd
300 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Planning Sub-Division-2, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Fatema Sany Adrita [ID: 602297] sdepsd2@rhd.gov.bd
301 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Database Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) - sded@rhd.gov.bd
302 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Documentation & Procurement Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Nazrul Islam [ID: 000330] sdedp@rhd.gov.bd
303 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Land Record and Acquisition Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Abu Wahid Md. Mahmud-Al- Kibria [ID: 300857] sdelr@rhd.gov.bd
304 Sub-Divisional Engineer, SDE, RHD Training Centre, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Kamrul Hasan Sarkar [ID: 602312] sdetc@rhd.gov.bd
305 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Enquiry Sub-Division, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Shahriar Alam [ID: 602229] sdeen@rhd.gov.bd
306 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sarak Bhaban Maintenance, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Shahriar Alam [ID: 602229] sdesbm@rhd.gov.bd
307 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bridge Const. & Maint-1, (Sub Division Office) Mohiuddin Md. Alamgir [ID: 400201] sdebcm1@rhd.gov.bd
308 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Monitoring & Evaluation (Dhaka), (Sub Division Office) Md. Arzullah Miah [ID: 500054] sdetc@rhd.gov.bd
309 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bridge Design Sub-Division-1, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) - sdebd1@rhd.gov.bd
310 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sreemongal, (Sub Division Office) Md. Rashedul Haque [ID: 602322] sdesrirsdm@rhd.gov.bd
311 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Moulavi Bazar, (Sub Division Office) Md. Rashedul Haque [ID: 602322] sdemoursd@rhd.gov.bd
312 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Shaistagonj, (Sub Division Office) Jyotish Goswami [ID: 005129] sdesrsdh@rhd.gov.bd
313 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Habigonj, (Sub Division Office) Kazi Nazrul Islam [ID: 100896] sdehabrsd@rhd.gov.bd
314 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kulaura, (Sub Division Office) Md. Rashedul Haque [ID: 602322] sdekulrsdm@rhd.gov.bd
315 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chandraghona, (Sub Division Office) - sdecharsdr@rhd.gov.bd
316 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sunamganj, (Sub Division Office) Amiya Chakrabarty [ID: 100776] sdesursd@rhd.gov.bd
317 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Biswanath, (Sub Division Office) Md. Nurul Majid Chowdhury [ID: 601785] sdebrsds@rhd.gov.bd
318 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Golapganj, Sylhet, (Sub Division Office) Md. Nazmul Wahed Chowdhury [ID: 600383] sdegrsds@rhd.gov.bd
319 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sylhet, (Sub Division Office) Md. Anisur Rahman [ID: 601854] sdesyrsd@rhd.gov.bd
320 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Chattak, (Sub Division Office) A. S. M. Saiful Islam [ID: 600914] sdesarsds@rhd.gov.bd
321 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bhanga, (Sub Division Office) - sdebharsdmad@rhd.gov.bd
322 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kotalipara, (Sub Division Office) - sdekotrsdgop@rhd.gov.bd
323 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Gopalganj, (Sub Division Office) Md. Azizul Haque [ID: 100959] sdegoprsd@rhd.gov.bd
324 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sariatpur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Ramjan Ali [ID: 101213] sdesharsd@rhd.gov.bd
325 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bhatipara, (Sub Division Office) - sdevatrsdgop@rhd.gov.bd
326 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Madaripur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdul Bari Khan [ID: 300770] sdemadrsd@rhd.gov.bd
327 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Faridpur-1, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abul Hossain [ID: 601786] sdefarrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
328 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Faridpur-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdefarrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
329 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Rajbari, (Sub Division Office) Md. Ashikul Islam [ID: 602261] sderajrsd@rhd.gov.bd
330 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Jamalpur-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdejrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
331 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Tangail, (Sub Division Office) Md. Imran Farhan Sumel [ID: 602280] sdetrsd@rhd.gov.bd
332 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Jamalpur-1, (Sub Division Office) Mohammed Mydul Islam [ID: 602256] sdejrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
333 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Mirzapur, (Sub Division Office) Khalid Saifullah Sardar [ID: 602287] sdemrrsdt@rhd.gov.bd
334 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sherpur-2, (Sub Division Office) - sdesrsd2@rhd.gov.bd
335 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Sherpur-1, (Sub Division Office) Mobashera Sadia Haque [ID: 602253] sdesrsd1@rhd.gov.bd
336 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bhairab, (Sub Division Office) - sdebrsdk@rhd.gov.bd
337 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Nandail, (Sub Division Office) - sdenrsdk@rhd.gov.bd
338 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Madhupur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Mojammal Haque [ID: 500392] sdemrsdt@rhd.gov.bd
339 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Mymensingh, (Sub Division Office) - sdemyrsd@rhd.gov.bd
340 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Bhaluka, (Sub Division Office) Mir Abdul Mannan [ID: 301582] sdevrsdm@rhd.gov.bd
341 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kishoreganj, (Sub Division Office) Ritesh Barua [ID: 601999] sdekrsdk@rhd.gov.bd
342 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Kendua, (Sub Division Office) - sdekrsdn@rhd.gov.bd
343 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Netrokona, (Sub Division Office) Md. Shakirul Islam [ID: 602272] sdenrsdn@rhd.gov.bd
344 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), 1st Line Workshop Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Mohammed Rokibul Hoque [ID: 005187] sde1lwb@rhd.gov.bd
345 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Sub-Division, Rajshahi., (Sub Division Office) Kh. Md. Abu Saleh [ID: 400329] engmku@rhd.gov.bd
346 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Construction Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Arifur Rahman [ID: 602320] sdefcsddha@rhd.gov.bd
347 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Sub-Division, Faridpur, (Sub Division Office) Md. Khorshed Alam [ID: 400033] sdefcsdfar@rhd.gov.bd
348 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Sub-Division, Sylhet, (Sub Division Office) Ashikur Rahman [ID: 602325] sdefsdts@rhd.gov.bd
349 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Equipment Control Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Balayet Hossain [ID: 100187] sdeecsddha@rhd.gov.bd
350 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Equipment Control Sub-Division, Bogura, (Sub Division Office) - sdeecsdbog@rhd.gov.bd
351 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Ferry Maintenance Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Kamal Uddin [ID: 500037] sdefmsddha@rhd.gov.bd
352 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Procurement & Storage Sub-Division, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) - sdepstd@rhd.gov.bd
353 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Sub-Division, Feni, (Sub Division Office) Md. Abdus Salam [ID: 600628] sdewfen@rhd.gov.bd
354 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Sub-Division, Mymensingh, (Sub Division Office) Md. Ashraful Islam [ID: 300605] sdewmym@rhd.gov.bd
355 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Sub-Division Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Ashaduzzaman [ID: 300667] sdewtejd@rhd.gov.bd
356 Sub-Divisional Engineer (Mechanical), Workshop Sub-Division, Santahar, (Sub Division Office) Md. Al-Bas Hassan [ID: 400030] jogeshcb63@gmail.com
357 Sub-Divisional Arboriculturist, Sub-divisional Arboriculturist's Office, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Mohammed Shafiqul Islam [ID: 005124] sdeard@rhd.gov.bd
358 Sub-Divisional Arboriculturist, Sub-divisional Arboriculturist's Office, Rajshahi, (Sub Division Office) - sdearr@rhd.gov.bd
359 Programmer, Management Information Cell, (Division Office) Rita Bhoumik [ID: 000910] programmer3@rhd.gov.bd
360 Programmer, Management Information Cell, (Division Office) Md. Al Amin Sarker [ID: 000909] programmer3@rhd.gov.bd
361 Programmer, Management Information Cell, (Division Office) Kalpana Aktar [ID: 000908] programmer3@rhd.gov.bd
362 Assistant Director (Security), Asstt. Director, Security Office, Dhaka, (Sub Division Office) Md. Shahriar Alam [ID: 602229] rahmanmaq@rhd.gov.bd