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Management Plan
The organisation of RHD must be closely linked to the management policies, systems and procedures. The Figure ‘RHD Documentation Framework’ (Click on the figure to enlarge) shows the hierarchy of management information required to define the organisation and the procedures which are required for effective operations.

The ‘Land Transport Policy’ is seen to be the guiding document for all issues concerning land transport. These activities come under the auspices of either the Ministry of Communications or the Ministry of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives. The Ministry of Communications Policy is a sub-set of the Land Transport Policy covering roads and highways (mainly through RHD), railways (through BR) and the management, regulation and operation of road transport (through BRTA and BRTC).

The Roads and Highways Department Strategy is designed to satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Communications Policy in respect of those activities which are the remit of the RHD. To support the Roads and Highways Department Strategy, a separate strategy has been prepared for each of the Wings and Zones within the Department.

Two types of documents have been defined to assist in the achievement of the activities within the Wing/Zone strategies. The two document types are Circle Operational Plans and Circle Management Manuals. The Circle Operational Plans contain details of the Objectives, Outputs and Activities of each Circle within the Wings/Zones together with details of the Personnel and other Resources required. Each Circle Operational Plan is supported by an Operational Budget which is essential for the successful implementation of the Plan. The Management Manuals contain operational procedures and regulations and job descriptions for the various grades of personnel and for specific posts. The sum total of these documents within RHD form the “Roads and Highways Department Management Plan”.

The Roads and Highways Department Management Plan is not a static document, it must be changed as the Department changes and portions of the document, especially the Circle Operational Plans and the Management Manuals, will need regular updating.

The sections of this site include the Roads and Highways Department Strategy and the Wing/Zone Strategies together with relevant extracts from the Circle Operational Plans and Management Manuals. These documents indicate the extent and nature of the work to be undertaken by each Circle and provide justification behind the number of personnel, physical resources and budgets required if the reorganised RHD is to operate effectively.