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The Management Services Wing is in charge of all the central administration and establishment function, Management Information System (MIS), Human Resource Development (HRD), Estates, Audit and Accounts. Key responsibilities of the wing are:

To establish an effective management and human resources development systems to guide for promotion, posting, training and development of all RHD personnel.

To review the activities of RHD for computerization and existing management information system and to take necessary steps in providing comprehensive and reliable MIS system.

To ensure that the RHD Web site (www.rhd.gov.bd) and all the infrastructures related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), e.g. servers, workstations, Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Radio Link etc. are maintained properly and reliably.

To campaign and encourage all the RHD officers and staffs to use E-mail facility for cheaper and faster communications and the RHD Web site for proper and handy information about their activities.

To ensure that records of all lands and buildings are maintained appropriately and Audit and Accounts procedure are maintained effectively.

The Circles within this Wing are shown above.