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Planning and Programming

Preparation of Proposal for lining up foreign aid/loan by ERD of GoB
. Preparation of DPP based on the information supplied by HDM Circle, Project Director of aided/non aided projects and zonal offices.
. Preparation of TPPs for consultancy services.
. Recast of existing DPP as per Planning Commissions requirements.
. Revision of DPPs as per field requirement viz. Variation in quantities price escalation increase in item of works etc.
. Preparation of 3- year rolling plan.
. Preparation of proposal for ADP Projects for a particular financial year (July-June).
. Preparation of proposal of budget allocation on the basis of requirements for the approved list of ADP projects.
Scrutiny of programme of physical work against allocated funds.
. Re-appropriate budgets for some ADP Projects as per field requirements
. Preparation of proposal for revised ADP at the middle of the financial year.