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Khan Jahan Ali Bridge was inaugurated

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge was inaugurated by Begum Khaleda Zia Honourable Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 21st May, 2005.
Khan Jahan Ali Bridge will enhance the transportation system by establishing through communication between North West region with South West region and Mongla port. This bridge will contribute for transit cargo movement to the land locked countries of Nepal, Bhutan from Mongla port.

Particulars of Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Location :2 km down stream of the existing Rupsa ferryghat.
Total Length of the Bridge :1,360 m (3rd Longest Bridge in Bangladesh)
Width of the Bridge :16.48 m
Main BridgeLength :640 m
No. of span in M'ain Bridge :7 Nos.
Span Arrangement of Main Bridge :70 m +5x100 m+70 m
Approach Viaduct Length :720 m
Total Length of Approach Road :8.68 Km
Approach Road at Khulna End :5.89 Km
Approach Road at Bagerhat End :2.79 Km
No. of Box Culvert :8 Nos.
No. of Pipe Culvert :26 Nos.
Type of Foundation :RCC Bored Pile
River Pile Diameter :2.5 m
River Pile Length :60 m-75 m
No. of River Piles :60 Nos.
Type of Superstructure :Post tensioned Pre-stressed concrete Box Girder
Vertical Clearance :18.3 m
Project Cost and Funding Arrangement

Project Cost

Total Project Cost :Taka 724.15 crore (US$ 121 million)
Construction Cost of
Khan Jahan Ali Bridge :Taka 421 crore (US$ 70.2 million)
Construction Cost of Khulna
Bypass Road :Taka 100 crore (US$ 16.7 million)
Consultancy Services Cost :Taka 39 crore (US$ 6.5 million)
Other Costs (Land, Taxes and
Duties, Utility :Taka 164.15 crore (US$ 27.4 million)
reallocation, L/C Charge)

Funding Arrangement

Japan's ODA Loan Assistance :Taka 373.87 crore (US$ 62.32 million)
Govt. of Bangladesh :Taka 265.50 crore (US$ 44.25 million)
Debt Relief Grant Assistance
(DRGA) Counterpart :Taka 84.78 crore (US$ 14.13 million)
Fund by Japan