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 Basic Info
 Road No.  Z1059
 Road Name  Patiya-Boalkhali (Kanongopara) Road
 Class  Zilla Road Starts at  Patiya
 Length  11.204 Km Ends at  Kanongopara(Boalkhali)
 Traffic & Other Info
 Traffic ( AADT )  2278  (Motorized:  1597 ,  Non-Motorized:  681) Show details
 Average width  3.97 (m) Width Detail
 No. of bridges  6  
 No. of ferry ghats  0
 Location referencing points - LRPs (what is a LRP?)  40  LRP Listing
 Division  Length (Km)
 Dohazari  11.20
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 Ongoing work
 This section shows the no. of ongoing maintenance works on this road
 Type of fund  No. of contracts  Total length of works (Km)  Total value(Lac taka)
Development 3 13 364
Total 3 13.00 364.00
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