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List of ongoing works on the road ( N2 )
Fund Source   Contract no.   St. Date   Duration   Type of work  Start location End location  Res.Division 
           LRP   Offset  Chainage      LRP   Offset  Chainage      
 Development  e-GP/11(eleven)/ACE/SZ/2014-2015(Re-tender)/28664  21-Oct-2015  548 Days  Carpeting  LRP156  3000 158     LRP171   170     Habiganj, (Division Office) 
 Development  SYL/DW-P1/2010-2011/Sylhet Zone  13-Jun-2011  365 Days  Overlay  LRP192  0 191.174     LRPE  0 286.409     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Development  15/EE/SRD/2008-2009  12-Aug-2008  5 Days  Pavement  LRP192  0 191.174     LRP197  0 196.174     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Development  EDDRP/ADB/SLZ/SYL/N-01  3-Jun-2008  576 Days  Road Rehablitation  LRP231  0 230     LRPE  0 286.409     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Development  14/EE/SRD/2008-2009  7-Aug-2008  5 Days  Pavement  LRP231  0 230     LRP233  0 231.895     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Development  13/EE/SRD/2008-2009  10-Aug-2008  5 Days  Pavement  LRP234  0 232.892     LRP235  0 233.905     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Development  74/EE/SRD/2006-2007  13-Dec-2006  10 Days  Road Rehablitation  LRP247  0 245.944     LRP249  0 247.95     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Development  214/EE/SRD/2007-2008  3-Dec-2007  5 Days  Pavement  LRP279   277.874     LRP280   278.874     Sylhet, (Division Office) 
 Note: The on going work list is gathered from Central Management System (CMS) running in the field divisions and the information is updated once in a month at RHD head office. This information is largely depended on how the work is defined in CMS and will not include any contract that is not properly defined by field division