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List of ongoing works on the road ( N2 )
Fund Source   Contract no.   St. Date   Duration   Type of work  Start location End location  Res.Division 
           LRP   Offset  Chainage      LRP   Offset  Chainage      
 Deposit Works  135/NRD/2006-2007  7-Jan-2007  25 Days  Road Embankment  LRPS  16350 16.35     LRPS  16500 16.5     Narayanganj, (Division Office) 
 Deposit Works  132/NRD/2006-2007  1-Feb-2007  25 Days  Pavement  LRPS  20000 20     LRPS  22000 22     Narayanganj, (Division Office) 
 Deposit Works  106/NRD/2006-2007  16-Jan-2007  30 Days  Pavement  LRPS  24000 24     LRPS  25000 25     Narayanganj, (Division Office) 
 Deposit Works  122/NRD/2006-2007  18-Jan-2007  30 Days  Pavement  LRPS  28000 28     LRPS  31000 31     Narayanganj, (Division Office) 
 Deposit Works  151/NRD/2006-2007  15-Feb-2007  30 Days  Pavement  LRPS  31000 31     LRPS  32500 32.5     Narayanganj, (Division Office) 
 Deposit Works  56/NRD/2006-2007  10-Jan-2007  30 Days  Road Embankment  LRPS  32000 32     LRPS  33000 33     Narayanganj, (Division Office) 
 Note: The on going work list is gathered from Central Management System (CMS) running in the field divisions and the information is updated once in a month at RHD head office. This information is largely depended on how the work is defined in CMS and will not include any contract that is not properly defined by field division