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Operational Plan for the Arboriculture Circle


The Arboriculture Circle was created in 1976 with four (4) Divisions, covering the existing four administrative Divisions, A major change was made in 1982 abolishing the Circle leaving only one division at Dhaka. The present operation is carrying out as per 1992 re-organisation.


The objective of the Arboriculture Circle is to contribute to the overall strategy of the Technical Services Wing by:

Providing all plantation work on the RHD Road Network for improving landscapes, protecting against soil erosion and helping to sustain the ecological balance.


a) Well protected and stable road embankments protected from erosion by plantation.

b) To provide “Green Spots” in order of sustain the ecological balance.

c) To provide aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

d) To provide physical evidence of RHD land ownership though tree planting.

e) To contribute revenue earning in the RHD though the effective management of the three stock.


The Arboriculture Circle is headed by a Chief Arboriculturist (CA) supported by 3(three) Executive Arboriculturist (EA), who are each in charge of Division, namely:

a) Research and Development Division

b) Operations Division (East)

c) Operations Division (West)

The numbers of personnel in the Circle are shown in the attached table which shows the total proposed number of personnel in the Circle to be 130 which is equal to the sanctioned strength. There are also some changes in the numbers of staff in some posts. The proposed number of personnel of the Circle is 17 Class I, 0 Class II, 63 Class III and 50 Class IV.

Certain officers in the Arboriculture Circle are to be designated as specialists. Specialist posts for engineers, or non-engineers, with specialist qualifications are shown together with the equivalent engineering grade thus, Exec. Transport Economist (EE*).


a) Planning of plantation programmes (RHD Zone wise) in consideration of the annual budgets and projects in the ADP.

b) Execution of plantation work on all new roads through out sourcing and contracting.

c) Initiate demonstration programmes of plantation on Zonal basis through outsourcing.

d) Utilisation of RHD unused stock yards, borrow pits, berms, ditches and other fallow lands to develop a number of road side “Green Spots”.

e) Updating inventory of existing trees and through linkages with road databases and GIS systems.

f) Upgrading of existing nurseries and establishment of new nurseries to provide an adequate supply of the required species of sapling.

g) Periodic monitoring of completed plantation work and providing regular feed back the management.

h) Disposal of existing trees as and when necessary.

i) To carry out research and development on types of trees and plants needed for road works.


The budget for the Arboriculture Circle is shown on the attached table. The budget table shows both the annual operation and maintenance costs and the capital costs of purchasing new, and replacing old, equipment. As not all equipment will be purchased or replaced immediately the capital cost has been annualised depending on the average life of the various items of equipment. The costs shown exclude the cost of personnel who are paid for from other sources.

On this basis the annual recurring cost for the Circle is Taka 61.78 lacs and the capital cost on an annualised basis is Taka 41.95 lacs. A total cost of Taka 103.73 lacs per annum. This budget is for maintenance expenditure of headquarter and other field offices excluding implementation of annual plantation program.

The cost of plantation works should be met from the annual development budget of RHD which should not be less than 2% of the total ADP allocation. This must be reflected separately in the ADP as “Arboriculture Operations” and be placed at the disposal of Arboriculture Circle in July to facilitate plantation work within the monsoon period.


The Arboriculture Circle requires resources for Head Quarters operations and to enable the Circle to undertake necessary surveys, investigations etc. using both the Circles own resources and consultants.

The resources required are shown in the table below:

Item Required Resources
Vehicle (Jeep) 7
Vehicle (Pickup) 7
Motor Cycle 8
Computer 5
Photocopier 1
Fax Machine 2
Air Conditioner 3



Updated on : 2003-01-12