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There are two versions for most of the databases developed for RHD. Intranet version (LAN Users only) and Internet version (both LAN and Internet Users). Please click on the buttons below to run your desired database. If you need help please read the user manuals first.

Intranet Version
Internet Version

Best viewed on IE8 or lower version.


You need RMMS Web Programme installed to access the RMMS Database (Intranet Version). If it is not installed please contact the HELP DESK.

Databases Development Completed

Organisation Database, Personnel Database, RMMS (Road Maintenance Management System), BCMMS (Bridge Maintenance Management System), Tender Notification System, Training Database, Schedule of Rates and Contractor Database

Databases Under Development

Event Database, Project Monitoring System, Financial Management System, Workshop Job Management System, Inventory & Equipment Control System and Plant Pool System