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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
MIS and Estates
OP/ME/1.2 - Preparation Annual MIS Plan and Budget
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers preparation of the Annual Plan and Annual Budget for MIS in RHD. The purpose of this is to ensure an annual plan and annual budget for the MIS activities in RHD is prepared, based on the reviewed ICT Guideline and the user and system requirements.
Definitions :

The Annual Plan and Budget will specify the priority areas for network, hardware, software and library upgrade requirements and cost estimates for procurement.
Responsibility :

The Superintending Engineer - has overall responsibility for ensuring adequate, trained personnel and logistic resources are available for preparing the MIS Annual Plan and Budget. Additionally, he has overall responsibility for obtaining support throughout the RHD to ensure the plan and budget is complied with. He will submit the Annual Plan and Budget to the chief Engineer through the ACE-Management Services Wing.

The System Analyst - has responsibility to summarise user requests for software, web-based systems and library services. He will summarise the software upgrade requirements in RHD and opportunities for RHD to use software systems available in the market. He will also prepare a library status report and subscription list.

The Executive Computer Maintenance Engineer - has the responsibility to summarise user requests for hardware and network systems. He will summarise the hardware and network upgrade requirements in RHD and the opportunities for RHD with hardware and network systems available in the market.
Method :

The Annual plan and budget for MIS should be based as a review of the current situation, in particular:

1. What current computers installed (and used) compared to agreed Circle Operational Plans and Zonal Operational development (plans).
2. What current feedback on hardware and software development, ICT guidelines and standards including from the MIS help desk (needs).
3. What recent software and hardware requests and upgrade requirements (requests).
4. What available budget from RHD and from Foreign Aided Projects.

This will result in a plan describing procurement (new and upgrades) & programming of hardware, software and system required. This should be prioritised based on plans, needs and requests within available budget.
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Updated on : 1/1/2004