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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
BRRL - Material Testing & Maintenance Division
OP/BRL/3.2 - Audit of Material Testing
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the internal audit by BRRL of their testing procedures, equipment and training needs together with audits on material testing undertaken by BRRL Headquarters.
Definitions :

Standard Test Procedures (May 2001) - the Standard Test Procedures authorised by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Standard Technical Specifications (May 2001) - the Technical Specifications forming Volume 3 of the Standard Tender Documents (September 2001) authorised by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Proposed Changes - proposed changes to the Standard Test Procedures and/or Standard Specifications.

Authorised Amendments - proposed changes to the Standard Test Procedures and/or Standard Specifications that have been authorised by the Chief Engineer, RHD.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - BRRL (SE-BRRL) - has overall responsibility for services undertaken or provided by BRRL.

Executive Engineer - Material Testing & Maintenance Division (EE-MTMD) - is responsible for periodic reviews of material testing procedures and equipment to ensure that they meet current needs.
Method :


EE-MTMD will maintain a register of the testing facilities and equipment available at BRRL and check for their compliance with the requirements of the Standard Test Procedures. For each test procedure EE-MTMD will prepare and maintain a stand-alone hard copy of the test procedure complete with blank data forms for recording test results. As an addendum to each test procedure EE-MTMD will prepare a schedule of safety procedures to be followed by staff undertaking that particular test.

As part of his review of testing procedures EE-MTMD should identify deficiencies in any of the existing BRRL testing equipment. In addition as part of his review of published research and professional journals/publications undertaken under Operating Procedure OP/BRL/1.2, EE-MTMD should seek to identify any new testing procedures for materials or modifications being adopted with respect to established tested procedures in other countries.


EE-MTMD will periodically check on the material testing being undertaken at BRRL to ensure that all testing is carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Standard Test Procedures, and that test results are properly tabulated, recorded and filed. In particular EE-MTMD will check that all testing equipment is maintained in good working order and kept clean. EE-MTMD will maintain a register containing the date and time of all tests carried out at BRRL together with separate registers for each test procedure recording the date and time that the procedure is undertaken.

EE-MTMD will be responsible for checking test results for consistency and appropriateness for the material being tested, and where discrepancies arise he will organise additional tests on the materials in question. In addition, where the analysis of test results has been prepared by junior staff EE-MTMD will undertake a check of the calculations to confirm the conclusions drawn.

EE-MTMD will prepare a quarterly report for submission to SE-BRRL containing a complete record of testing carried out by test category, complete with a certification that all tests were carried out in compliance with the Standard Test Procedures and that the test results and conclusions have been checked and approved by him.



Where EE-MTMD has identified deficiencies in BRRL testing equipment for which spares and / or replacements are required, or a new test procedure is proposed for which the appropriate testing equipment would need to be procured, then EE-MTMD should prepare a report for consideration by SE-BRRL containing a justification for this equipment and a budget estimate for it.

Upon approval by SE-BRRL the report should be submitted to ACE-TSW for budget approval, and if successful EE-MTMD should prepare detailed specifications of the required equipment for procurement.


The majority of the material testing undertaken at BRRL will be carried out by Assistant Engineers and sub-Assistant Engineers under the supervision of EE-MTMD or SDE-MTMD. The junior staff may, or may not, be experienced in particular test procedures and it will be the responsibility of EE-MTMD to either train them, or arrange training for them, in these procedures.


As part of his review of published research, journals and the internet EE-MTMD may identify possible new test procedures or changes that should be made to existing procedures to comply with international practice. At the same time he may identify a need for additions to the RHD Standard Specifications to include new construction materials and / or changes to existing specifications that should be adopted.

Should this be the case EE-MTMD should submit a report on this through SE-BRRL to Road Design & Safety Circle to obtain authorization from the Chief Engineer RHD to these changes. Should approval in principle be obtained EE-MTMD should provide technical assistance to Road Design & Safety Circle to obtain approval to the actual amendments following Operational Procedure OP/ME/4.1.
References :

RHD Standard Test Procedures (May 2001)

RHD Standard Tender Documents Volume 3 of 4 - Technical Specifications (May 2001)

Operational Procedure OP/ME/4.1

Published Research

Engineering Journals

The Internet
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003