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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
OP/BRL/1.1 - Organisation of Research Work
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes how BRRL will compile and maintain a library of relevant research work relating to road design and construction carried out in Bangladesh and internationally, and undertake in-house research on new road construction materials or construction techniques.
Definitions :

Design Standards and Specifications - are deemed to include all design standards, manuals and specifications that have been approved for use in Bangladesh by the Chief Engineer, RHD in relation to road design and construction.

International Road Research Agencies - are deemed to include the TRL in the UK, ARRB in Australia and other such overseas agencies engaged in research into the design and construction of roads in developing countries.

Technical Services Wing Management Team (TSWMT) - a committee chaired by the Additional Chief Engineer, RHD which can recommend amendments to existing design standards and specifications or the adoption of new ones where appropriate.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - BRRL Circle (SE-BRRL) - will have overall responsibility for ensuring that BRRL maintain a current library of research carried out by international road research agencies and others in relation to roads in developing countries, and for directing and controlling any similar research work undertaken by BRRL.

Executive Engineer - Soil Investigation Division (EE-SID) - will be responsible for maintaining the soils and foundation engineering aspects of the BRRL research library and for conducting research in these fields when required to do so.

Executive Engineer - Material Testing & Maintenance Division (EE-MTMD) - will be responsible for maintaining the materials aspects of the BRRL research library and for conducting research into construction materials when required to do so.

Executive Engineer - Road Design & Standard Division (EE-RDSD) - responsible for the preparation of technical papers for submission to TSWMT and sub-committees relating to proposed amendments/additions to RHD design manuals and specifications, and for notifying all interested parties if and when these are approved by CE-RHD.
Method :


At the present time only limited research is undertaken by BRRL into soils and road construction materials. Given that significant research into these subjects is routinely undertaken by international research agencies specifically for the design and construction of roads in developing countries, clearly it would be inappropriate to attempt to duplicate this work.

However, much of the research carried out by international agencies, particularly in relation to locally available construction materials, is inappropriate to Bangladesh. Accordingly, such research has to be carefully monitored to identify any new construction techniques or materials that could be applicable in Bangladesh.

Various sources exist for obtaining this information, frequently free of charge or at a nominal cost, including the internet, the international research agencies themselves, professional institutions, etc. It will be the responsibility of BRRL to monitor this research and maintain a library of research relevant to Bangladesh; to draw the attention of the Chief Engineer, RHD to research undertaken by others which could lead to cost savings and / or improvements to RHD standard road maintenance / construction techniques; and to undertake limited new research on locally available materials and alternative construction techniques where identified.


Under the direction of SE-BRRL both EE-SID and EE-MTMD will review published research, journals and other sources of information for new developments/techniques in their respective fields. A library will be maintained of all published research (for possible future reference), but where new developments/techniques may be directly applicable in Bangladesh, or where as a result of further research by BRRL they have the potential to become applicable, then EE-SID or EE-MTMD as appropriate will further investigate their potential.


As a result of their review of published research EE-SID and/or EE-MTMD may identify new materials or construction techniques that have been developed in other developing countries that may be applicable in Bangladesh. Where these are identified EE-SID and/or EE-MTMD will investigate further sources of information on these topics and prepare a BRRL Research Report for submission to TWSMT by Road Design & Safety Circle for possible changes to RHD design standards and manuals.


Where new techniques / materials have been developed for use in other developing countries they may not be directly applicable in Bangladesh e.g. due to the different climate, soil conditions, etc. Under these circumstances full-scale field trials or further laboratory testing by BRRL may be needed to determine whether or not they could be applied in Bangladesh.

Where field trials are required EE-SID or EE-MTMD as appropriate will prepare a budget proposal for consideration by the Chief Engineer, RHD containing a full justification for the trials including the potential benefits that would result if the field trials proved successful. In this it will frequently be the case that field trials can be undertaken as part of an upcoming road construction or maintenance project thereby keeping their cost to a minimum.

At their conclusion all field trials and/or laboratory testing will be fully documented in a BRRL Research Report, which will contain, amongst other things, a justification for the research, the results obtained, an analysis of those results and the conclusions that can be drawn from this analysis.


The primary purpose behind BRRL Research Reports will be to inform RHD management of possible new construction techniques and materials which have been successfully adopted in other developing countries, and their potential for application in Bangladesh.

In many cases it will be shown that the techniques/materials are not appropriate to Bangladesh, in which case the BRRL Report will have served its purpose by demonstrating that fact. In other cases it may be shown that considerable benefits could result by adopting new techniques/materials. Under these circumstances changes may be required to RHD Standards or Specifications.


Amendments to RHD Design Standards & Specifications cannot be made without the approval of the Chief Engineer, RHD. The updating of design standards and specifications is the responsibility of Road Design & Safety Circle under Operating Procedure OP/ME/4.1

Where amendments are proposed by BRRL, it will be the responsibility of the originating Executive Engineer to provide the technical justification and precise wording of the amendments to EE-RDSD for him to process under OP/ME/4.1.
References :

Research Reports from TRL, ARRB, BUET, etc

Professional Journals (e.g. New Civil Engineer, Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh etc.)

Internet Web sites

RHD Standard Tender Documents Volume 3 of 4

Operational Procedure OP/ME/4.1
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003