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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Social and Environment - Re-settlement Division
OP/SE/2.2 - Procurement and Monitoring of Re-settlement Services
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the procurement of services to plan and manage the implementation of a Re-settlement Plan for RHD projects, and the process of monitoring the performance of those charged with delivering these services.

The scope of this procedure is to ensure consistency in dealing with projects that involve re-settlement activities.
Definitions :

Procurement - in this context means the process of selecting, appointing and entering into a contract arrangement with a sub-contractor engaged for re-settlement management such as a specialised NGO or Consultant.

Monitoring - is the process of regular review and inspection of on-going activities for the purpose of ensuring that progress is achieved as planned that agreed standards are maintained and that Terms of Reference as defined in a contract are followed.

Re-settlement Plan - is a time-bound resettlement action plan with a budget, setting out re-settlement strategy, objectives, entitlement, actions, responsibilities, monitoring and evaluation.

Chief Re-settlement Officer (CRO) - of any project under RHD is playing key role implementing involving re-settlement activities through NGO. S/he sometimes acts as Project Director of the Project or delegates the responsibilities to APD.

Deputy Chief Re-settlement Officer (DCRO) - S/he works as second key officer of the Project to implement re-settlement components under the PD and CRO. If DCRO is in the rank of SE or EE, PD must be in the rank ACE or SE respectively.

Resettlement Officer - EE or Sub-Divisional Engineer is posted in the Re-settlement Division.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Technical Services Wing (ACE-TSW) - Responsible for reviewing and signing the documents submitted by SE-SEC.

Superintending Engineer - Social & Environment Circle (SE-SEC) - Responsible for the overall management of procurement and the monitoring of resettlement services, in accordance with RHD LAR Guidelines and the Re-settlement Plan and funding agencies.

Responsible for full review of reports and proposals, and communicating to the ACE and CE of RHD, in order to receive their approval of procuring the manpower and logistic support and services of NGOs.

Responsible for ensuring that sufficient budget is available to make compensation payments for re-settlement losses and co-ordinating with other related GOs, INGOs, local NGOs, Donors and Banks.

Executive Engineer - Re-settlement Division (EE-RD) - Responsible for co-ordination with RHD Field staff/Engineers for the procurement of any re-settlement management services. Reviewing monthly progress reports from the re-settlement monitoring Consultant/Contractor or re-settlement implementing NGOs and highlighting problem areas to the SE-SEC of RHD for necessary action or visit the problematic areas and inform SE accordingly.
Method :

The Project Director (PD) of a project involving re-settlement services deliveries will submit to SE-SEC, the requirements and full TORs for re-settlement management services. Proposals will be drafted by EE-RD of SE circle.

The SE-SEC (assisted by the EE-RD) will submit a proposal for procurement to the ACE-TSW of RHD. ACE-TSW will review and submit to CE-RHD for final approval. CE of RHD will pass an order for the timely procurement of resettlement services under the relevant PD.

SE-SEC will procure re-settlement services after a selection from experienced and reputable short listed candidates, and will arrange for the mobilisation of the winning concern PD.

EE-ED will prepare monthly monitoring and status report.
References :

RHD Guidelines on Land Acquisition and Re-settlement, 2003 (under preparation).

The World Bank Operational Manual, Operational Directive, 4.30, June 1990.

ADB, Summary of the Handbook on Re-settlement, A Guide to Good Practice, 1998.

Bangladesh Re-settlement Policy and Practice, Review and Recommendations, Jamuna Bridge Authority, RETA No. 5781, BCL, May 1999.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003