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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Social and Environment
OP/SE/1.1 - Social and Environmental Circle Reports
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to establish a systematic process of collecting and preserving relevant documents (in hard copy as well as electronic copy), as prepared and submitted during project preparation and implementation, by RHD, NGOs, consultants and agencies. It is the aim to preserve not only documents prepared by this Circle, but also relevant reports produced by other Circles of RHD or external agencies.

SEC will produce or review reports on progress or the review of practices, such as Monthly or Quarterly Progress Reports, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Reports, Inception and Final Reports, Environmental and Re-settlement Guidelines and Manuals, Social Action Plan (SAP), Demographic and Socio-economic Survey Reports, Re-settlement Action Plan (RAP) etc.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Technical Services Wing (ACE-TSW)

Responsible for suggesting to SE-SEC to procure, prepare and preserve relevant documents.

Co-ordination with other Wings and Circles of RHD towards obtaining relevant documents for SEC.

Superintendent Engineer - Social & Environment Circle (SE-SEC)

Arrange necessary budget towards preservation and archiving documents.

Responsible for recommendation and archiving reports prepared by consultants under SEC.

Executive Engineers- (EE-RD & EE-ED)

Liaison with different Wings and Circles, in order to collect information on project status.

Establish archiving system and suggest additional measures for development.

Maintain appropriate field database, review and edit accordingly for archiving.
Method :

SEC will collect relevant reports and documents useful for this Circle from different sources within RHD (from different projects under RHD) and from external sources.

SEC will preserve hard and electronic copies in its Library. SEC will also help to preserve and archive copies (Hard and soft) of selected documents in RHD Central Library.

Prepare and update a document database on the RHD Intranet.

Strengthen SEC documentation, preservation and dissemination process.

SEC will disseminate relevant selected data to users within RHD.
References :

OP/ME/6.1, OP/SE/ 2.1 to 2.4 and OP/SE/3.1 to 3.5.

Environmental Guidelines, Volume 1, Environmental Management in the Roads and Highways Department, Ministry of Communications, January 2003.

Environmental Manual, Volume 2 (under preparation), Environmental Management in the Roads and Highways Department, Ministry of Communications, (expected in March 2004).

Procedures for Land Acquisition and Re-settlement for RHD (under preparation).
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003