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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Social and Environment - Re-settlement Division
OP/SE/2.3 - Monitoring of Re-settlement Projects
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of monitoring of any re-settlement related activities, as defined in a Re-settlement Action Plan.
Definitions :

Monitoring - is the process of regular review and inspection of ongoing activities for the purpose of ensuring that progress is achieved as planned that agreed standards are maintained and that Terms of Reference as defined in a contract are followed.

Re-settlement - is the process of dealing with the inevitable losses suffered by the population, resulting from development projects.

Re-settlement Monitoring - is the collection, analysis, reporting and use of information about the process of re-settlement, based on the Re-settlement Plan. Monitoring should focus on physical and financial targets and the delivery of entitlements to people affected. Monitoring can be done by RHD, or can be by independent external specialists, such as NGOs. Monitoring reports should be sent to the RHD Project Director and to the Re-settlement Division.

Re-settlement Progress Monitoring Report - records in qualitative and quantitative data on the progress of the re-settlement programme. Should compare actual status with plans and forecasts as stated in the Re-settlement Plan.

Re-settlement Plan - is a time-bound action plan with a budget, setting out re-settlement strategy, objectives, entitlement, actions, responsibilities, monitoring and evaluation.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Technical Services Wing (ACE-TSW) - ACE-TSW will review the consolidated resettlement progress reports prepared and submitted by SE-SEC of RHD.

Superintending Engineer - Social & Environment Circle (SE-SEC) - As Chief of Social and Environment Circle at RHD Head Quarter level, responsible for the overall monitoring of re-settlement components on ongoing Projects. In the event of any major discrepancy and dispute, responsible for resolution of the matter in consultation with ACE-TSW.

Responsible for approving and disseminating the Quarterly/Monthly Consolidated Progress Report on Re-settlement Projects prepared by EEs-SEC of RHD. Upon review, the report shall be submitted to ACE-TSW and CE-RHD for information and, where necessary, further decision or direction.

Executive Engineer - Re-settlement Division (EE-RD) - EE-RD will act as Executive Re-settlement Specialist at RHD Head Quarter level.

Responsible for monitoring ongoing re-settlement activities, from data furnished by NGOs and Project Re-settlement Officers through Monthly Re-settlement Progress Monitoring Reports. Responsible for informing and advising SE-SEC of RHD, in the event of major re-settlement discrepancy or dispute, which cannot be resolved in the field at project level.

Responsible for monitoring the performance of Re-settlement Implementing NGOs working at grass root level under different Re-settlement Projects.

Responsible for analysing and compiling all project re-settlement data into a Monthly Consolidated Progress Report on Re-settlement Projects. This report to be submitted to the SE-SEC for finalization. In the event of any adverse social and re-settlement impact or irregularities in the re-settlement process, responsible for arranging field inspection visits.

Responsible for keeping liaison with field level officers, PDs, Re-settlement Consultants and SE to CE of RHD.
Method :

The detailed methodology for re-settlement monitoring for foreign-aided projects and the data to be collected and recorded will be described in the respective Re-settlement Plan. In the future, the RHD Procedures and Guidelines for Re-settlement (currently under preparation) will specify standard Re-settlement Progress Monitoring formats.

In general terms, the Re-settlement Division is to review all re-settlement progress reports, and make a comparative study of re-settlement data of preceding months for the same project and among the re-settlement projects. The findings of the review can be combined into a Quarterly or Monthly Consolidated Re-settlement Progress Report, comprising all re-settlement activities under different projects.
References :

RHD Guidelines on Land Acquisition and Resettlement (under preparation).

The World Bank Operational Manual, Operational Directive, 4.30, June 1990.

ADB Summary of the Handbook on Resettlement, A Guide to Good Practice, 1998.

Bangladesh Resettlement Policy and Practice, Review and Recommendations, Jamuna Bridge Authority, RETA No. 5781, RHD, BCL, May 1999.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003