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RHD Operational Procedure – Technical Services Wing
Road Design and Safety - Road Design & Standard Division
OP/RDS/2.1 - Road Design
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the design process to be adopted by Road Design & Safety Circle following a request for road design services from another Wing or Zone within RHD, or any other organization within the Government of Bangladesh. The procedure covers the main stages of the design process up to either the production of draft tender documents for the works or the production of design drawings for issuing to the Zones.
Definitions :

Project - a proposed road scheme that could take the form of a new road, the upgrading of an existing road or improvements to an existing junction (for traffic capacity and / or safety reasons).

Superintending Officer - is the Additional Chief Engineer or Superintending Engineer of the Zone requesting design services for a Project from Road Design & Safety Circle.

Preliminary Design Report - a report that contains the results and analysis of data collected for the design together with a preliminary design of the project including alignment, typical sections, land acquisition and other significant factors, which influence the viability and / or detailed design of the scheme.

Detailed Design Report - a comprehensive report on the design of the project that provides the justification (and alternatives where they exist) for every aspect of the design, together with a operational and environmental impact assessment of the completed road project.

Tender Documents - comprises the standard tender documents based on the New Contracting Procedures including scheme specific drawings, Bills of Quantities, Particular Specifications and Contract Data.
Responsibility :

Superintending Officer - will be responsible for obtaining the necessary authority and budget approval both for the scheme and for the recruitment of external consultants to undertake the design under the supervision of Road Design & Safety Circle if necessary.

Superintending Engineer - Road Design & Safety Circle (SE-RDSC) - will have overall responsibility for the design services provided by the Circle and for the audit of designs undertaken by external consultants

Executive Engineer - Road Design & Standard Division (EE-RDSD) - will be responsible for undertaking the design of projects, including the preparation of tender documents, or alternatively the management of external consultants appointed to undertake these services.
Method :


A request for design services from Design & safety Circle must be supported by an Office Order from Chief Engineer, RHD to undertake this work. If a request is made from another Wing or Zone within RHD, implicit in this will be the need for the concerned Superintending Officer to convince Chief Engineer, RHD that he does not have adequate resources either to undertake the design or supervise external consultants retained for the purpose.

All such requests shall be made to SE-RDSC by the concerned Superintending Officer.


Upon receipt of a request for road design services SE-RDSC in consultation with EE-RDSD will review the current and projected workload of the Road Design and Standards Division to determine whether such services can be provided in-house or require to be outsourced to consultants.

Should consultants be required EE-RDSD will prepare a budget estimate for their services and advise the concerned Superintending Officer for him to obtain the required budget approval. Following this approval EE-RDSD will undertake the procurement of consultants in accordance with OP/PC/2.4 and audit their performance in accordance with OP/RDS/2.2.

In the event that surveys are required to undertake the design EE-RDSD will prepare estimates for these, and following budget approval being obtained by the Superintending Officer he will undertake procurement of these services in accordance with OP/PC/2.4.


Irrespective of whether designs are to be carried out in-house by Road Design & Safety Circle or by external consultants, a Preliminary Design Report must be prepared for acceptance by the concerned Superintending Officer before detailed design is undertaken. The scope and content of the Preliminary Design Report will to a large extent depend on the type of project being undertaken but in all cases for major projects it should contain the following:

· A review of existing data relating to the project (traffic counts, topographical mapping, hydrology, ground investigations, land ownership, utilities, etc.)

· A summary and analysis of both the existing data and any additional data collected, including CBR of the subgrade and existing pavement layers (if any), the design flood return event for the road, traffic forecasts in PCUs and ESAs for the agreed design year, together with traffic accident data for an existing road if to be upgraded

· A statement of the particular design standards to be used cross-referenced with confirmation of compliance with the general requirements of the current RHD design manuals, standards and guidelines

· Topographical mapping of the existing terrain including all permanent and temporary structures within the project corridor, land ownership boundaries/walls/fences, significant trees, utility services / poles, etc

· The alignment and elevation for the proposed project together with typical cross sections

· The location and typical size of cross-drainage structures

· The Right of Way for the project (if an existing road) or required Right of Way (if a proposed new road)

· The additional land take required, and both temporary & permanent structures that would need to be demolished, for implementation of the Project.

· A preliminary cost estimate for the project (excluding compensation)

On the basis of the foregoing EE-RDSD, or consultants retained for the purpose, will prepare the Preliminary Design Report in sufficient detail to enable the Superintending Officer to make an informed decision with respect to his particular requirements for the detailed design of the Project.


Upon approval of the Preliminary Design Report by the Superintending Officer EE-RDSD will prepare the detailed design of the project including the preparation of Tender Documents and the Engineer’s Estimate if necessary. The Tender Documents should comply with the New Tendering Procedure incorporating the latest version of the RHD Standard Tender Documents (Volumes 1–4) and the Engineer’s Estimate should be held confidential at all times.

As part of the design EE-RDSD will prepare a Design Report which will include a description of each element of the design and the justification for it, together with a complete set of design calculations as an appendix. All title blocks for drawings and calculation sheets must be fully completed and signed (i.e. designed/checked/approved).

Upon completion EE-RDSD will submit a draft version of the Design Report and Tender Documents to the Superintending Officer for approval, and subject to any revisions he may require EE-RDSD will prepare and submit to the Superintending Officer the final version of the Design Report and Tender Documents in both hard copy and electronic form.

Since changes may be made to the designs and/or Tender Documents by the Superintending Officer or others at some future date, EE-RDSD must retain and archive a copy of the Design Report and Tender Documents clearly marked “As Approved” for future reference.
References :

· OP/ME/4.1 – Control of RHD Documents

· OP/PC/2.2 – Approval of Tender Documents

· OP/PC/2.4 – Appointment of Consultants

· RHD Standard Tender Documents (Volumes 1– 4) (September 2001)
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003