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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
BRRL - Quality Control Division
OP/BRL/4.1 - Audit of Zonal & Project Laboratories
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for checking the compliance of both zonal/field and project laboratories with the requirements of the RHD Standard Test Procedures, together with an audit of the tests carried out, the equipment used and the staff undertaking the tests.
Definitions :

RHD Standard Test Procedures - are the test procedures contained in the Standard Test Procedures Manual (May 2001) authorized by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Zonal/Field Laboratories - are permanent BRRL laboratories located in the Zones, in occasions it is also called Zonal Laboratories also.

Project laboratories - are temporary site laboratories established by contractors for road and bridge projects as part of their contracts.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - BRRL (SE-BRRL) - has overall responsibility for services undertaken and provided by BRRL.

Executive Engineer - Quality Control Division (EE-QCD) - is responsible for carrying out quality audits on both Zonal/Field and project laboratories.

Superintending Officer - is the Additional Chief Engineer or Superintending Engineer named in the Contract Data for an RHD road or bridge project.

"Engineer" - is the Superintending Engineer or Executive Engineer named in the Contract Data for an RHD road or bridge project.
Method :


EE-QCD should prepare and regularly update inventories for both the zonal/field and project laboratories. This information should be supplied to him by the zonal/field laboratories who will be responsible for maintaining a register of current road and bridge projects within their zone i.e. those projects where project laboratories are required to be provided under the contract documents. This information should include:

Location of the laboratory

Details of staffing resources to undertake testing

Equipment resources, including condition & date of last calibration/audit

For project laboratories: details of the road/bridge contract, start date, end date and contact details for the Superintending Officer and the Engineer


EE-QCD will be responsible for maintaining a register of all tests carried out in both zonal/field and project laboratories based on monthly reports from the zonal/field laboratories. To this end the zonal/field laboratories should obtain a monthly report from each project laboratory containing the following:

A schedule of tests carried out

The results of each test i.e. whether or not the test demonstrated compliance with the relevant workmanship and/or material specifications in the contract documents for the project


EE-QCD will prepare an annual programme of audits for both zonal/field and project laboratories and will discuss and agree this with SE-BRRL. In preparing this programme every effort should be made to ensure that laboratories that are to be subject to audit have little or no advance notice of the audit, i.e. there should be no regular pattern to them.

It will be a matter for SE-BRRL and EE-QCD to determine the staffing arrangements for undertaking audits, but in general the zonal/field laboratories should be audited by BRRL Dhaka and the project laboratories by the zonal/field laboratories, with an occasional audit (on a sampling basis) by BRRL Dhaka.

The frequency of audits will be a matter for SE-BRRL to determine but a target of two audits per annum for the zonal/field laboratories and two audits per contract for the project laboratories should be aimed for.


For the audit of both zonal/field and project laboratories the following assessments should be made:

Assess records of Tests Carried Out

A comprehensive record of all tests carried out by the laboratory should be properly filed and stored at the laboratory. For each test there should be the following:

Copy of the instruction from the Engineer to conduct a test

Completed test data forms, signed, certified and dated

Analysis sheets, calculations, or graphs as appropriate signed, certified and dated

Confirmation that the test has been carried out according to RHD Standard Test Requirements

Details of the equipment used

Confirmation as to whether or not the material/workmanship tested met the requirements of the contract specifications, and an acknowledgement from the Engineer that he has been given this information

Assess Test Procedures for Compliance

All testing must be undertaken in accordance with the RHD Standard Test Procedures. During the audit some testing may be ongoing, in which case compliance with the procedures can be monitored. For tests already completed it is clearly difficult for an assessment to be made, but a check should be made that the appropriate testing equipment was at least available for tests already completed.

In addition, where for example the procedures call for a number of tests to be completed for the average or mean of the results to be obtained, then a check can be made that the correct number of tests were completed. Other similar checks should be possible and EE-QCD in consultation with SE-BRRL should develop a suitable checklist for completed tests.

Assess laboratory Facilities and Equipment

The checking and calibration of testing equipment for zonal/field and project laboratories is covered by Operating Procedure OP/BRL/4.4 and forms part of this Procedure.

For convenience it would be appropriate for this to be undertaken during one of the bi-annual audits of the zonal/field laboratories and during the first audit of project laboratories.

Assess Staffing Capabilities

During an audit of zonal/field and project laboratories a check should be made that all tests are being undertaken by staff that are familiar with the testing procedure, and if undertaken by junior staff that the tests are certified correct by a qualified engineer.


Upon completion of the audit of each zonal/field and project laboratory EE-QCD should prepare a draft audit report for review by SE-BRRL. This report should assess the adequacy of each laboratory in terms of testing equipment, procedures, staffing and quality control and make recommendations regarding changes that should be made.

With respect to the project laboratories the audit report should check for compliance with the requirements of the contract documents for the project in terms of facilities, equipment, and staffing provided, and at the same time assess whether those requirements are adequate for the particular project.

Subject to any comments from SE-BRRL the final audit report should be prepared by EE-QCD and distributed as follows:

(i) Zonal/Field Laboratories: ACE for the relevant Zone.

(ii) Project Laboratories: The Superintending Officer and the Engineer for the Contract.
References :

RHD Standard Test Procedures (May 2001)

RHD Standard Tender Documents (Volumes 1 4) September 2001

OP/BRL/4.4 Management and Calibration of Equipment
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003