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RHD Operational Procedure – Management Services Wing
MIS and Estates
OP/ME/1.1- Development and Review ICT Guidelines
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the development of an Information and Communication Technology Guideline for RHD, and its half-yearly review.

The purpose of this is to ensure the RHD develops and maintains an up-to-date internal guideline setting the strategy, plan and specific technical standards for use of ICT within the frames of the National and/or MoC ICT Policy.
Definitions :

An ICT Guideline contains the following chapters:

1· Strategy setting frame and focus, anticipating need for changes
2· Long Term and Short Term Objectives
3· Activity Plan
4· Training Needs Assessment
5· Hardware Standards
6· Network and Security Standards
7· Software Standards
Responsibility :

The Superintending Engineer - MIS has overall responsibility for ensuring adequate, trained personnel and logistic resources are available for preparing ICT guidelines. Additionally, he has overall responsibility for obtaining support throughout RHD to ensure these guidelines are complied with. He will organise and chair the half-yearly ICT Guideline Review Seminar.

The System Analyst - has responsibility to produce the latest versions of the National and/or MoC ICT policies for the seminar. He has the responsibility to keep himself up-to-date on market standards on software, and Internet systems. He shall produce the relevant reports, data and key figures concerning the status and performance of RHD’s software web-based systems.

The Executive Computer Maintenance Engineer - has the responsibility to keep himself up-to-date on market standards on hardware and network systems. He shall produce the relevant reports, data and key figures concerning the status and performance of RHD’s hardware and network systems

The half-yearly ICT Guideline Review Seminar shall normally be attended by the Superintending Engineer MIS & Estates, the System Analyst, the Executive Hardware Engineer, all programmers and all maintenance engineers.
Method :

All of the MIS Procedures are linked to the ICT guidelines, as shown in flowchart 1 attached.


The ICT guidelines for RHD need to be developed by first considering market standards in the IT industry and the views of stakeholder (RHD officers and staff). This will allow MIS Circle to report the latest developments of software, hardware and network systems that could be used to maintain and develop RHD's IT systems.
The ICT guidelines also need to respond to the current usage of IT within RHD. Key usage figures include those from MIS and the servers (e.g. no. of computers in RHD accessing the network, number of "hits" on RHD intranet and website each month). Information from the IT help desk on recent problems and issues will also be consulted. RHD, personnel, and training database contents and RHD and MoC instructions may also highlight particular needs.


These status reports will be defined and reviewed for a half-yearly ICT guidelines review seminar. This will involve SE, MIS, the System Analyst, Executive Computer Maintenance Engineer, together with programmers and maintenance engineers. This review (see detail below) will develop a strategy plan for ICT in RHD, together with long and short-term targets, leading to an ICT Action Plan.


ICT guidelines will be developed and reviewed, including three key areas as follows:

a) Hardware standards and minimum requirements.
The Executive Computer Maintenance Engineer will develop minimum standards, both for new hardware and upgrades, particularly the specification for computer processor, RAM and the level of computerisation in RHD (e.g. no. of computer/circle).
b) Network and Security Standards.
The Executive Computer Maintenance Engineer will formalise the way in which the RHD network is controlled. This will include frequency of update and levels of network backup and anti-virus control (together with emergency virus destruction and data recovery procedure), regular server management, day-to-day management of computers and guidelines for users (e.g. for file storage, email use).
c) Software Standards and minimum requirements.
The System Analyst will keep aware of software updates and languages to ensure the RHD is using appropriate software in offices in Sarak Bhaban and in the Zones, including platforms for database programming.
References :

Latest RHD ICT Guideline (MIS Circle).
Procedure Flowchart :

Two Flowcharts are included in this procedure.

1. Overall flowchart showing overview of all MIS procedures and how they link together.
2. Flowchart showing the methodology for producing ICT guidelines.




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004