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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
BRRL - Material Testing & Maintenance Division
OP/BRL/3.1 - Material Testing
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure outlines the process for materials testing requested by Zones or Circles within RHD, and is also applicable to both testing and research on possible new construction materials identified by BRRL or others/parties.
Definitions :

Standard Test Procedures - are the test procedures contained in the Standard Test Procedures Manual (May 2001) authorised by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Materials - comprises all construction materials contained in the Standard Test Procedures Manual.

Design Standards and Specifications - are deemed to include all design standards, manuals and specifications that have been approved for use in Bangladesh by the Chief Engineer, RHD in relation to road design and construction.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - BRRL Circle (SE-BRRL) - will have overall responsibility for ensuring that BRRL undertake the testing of materials in accordance with good practice and the requirements of the Standard Test Procedures.

Executive Engineer - Material Testing & Maintenance Division (EE-MTMD) - will be responsible for all material testing undertaken and for verification that the Standard Test Procedures have been followed.
Method :


Most of the testing of road/bridge construction materials will be undertaken on site in Project laboratories (provided as part of the contract by the contractor for the use of the Engineer) or in BRRL Zonal laboratories.

In the event that these laboratories do not have the necessary equipment for specialist or complex tests BRRL may be requested to undertake these. In addition BRRL may be requested to undertake other standard tests as a crosscheck or audit of the Project and Zonal laboratories.

The need for all laboratories, and BRRL in particular, to undertake all tests in strict compliance with the Standard Test Procedures is paramount since the results obtained may well be used in a contractual dispute, and possibly litigation in court.


In the first instance EE-MTMD should discuss and agree with SE-BRRL the type of tests and testing service that BRRL can provide to the Zones and Circles within RHD and then advise those zones and circles accordingly. Should any new or specialist equipment be procured by BRRL to enable further tests to be carried out, again the Zones and Circles should be advised.

In advising the Zones and Circles of BRRL testing services it should be made clear that the primary responsibility for the testing, and hence quality control, of construction materials will remain with the Project laboratories and Field Divisions.


Requests to BRRL for the testing of materials must be authorized by the Superintending Officer for the relevant road/bridge construction contract and must be supported by an appropriate justification e.g. as a quality control check on a Project laboratory.

Upon receipt of such a request EE-MTMD should discuss and agree with SE-BRRL the ability of BRRL to carry out the tests and a programme for them.

EE-MTMD should advise the relevant Superintending Officer of the ability and availability of BRRL to undertake the testing programme and agree procedures for the delivery of samples to BRRL Headquarters for testing.


Prior to the arrival of samples for testing EE-MTMD should check that the equipment necessary for undertaking the tests is both operational and functioning correctly. Adequate storage space in a clearly defined area for the samples must be identified to avoid the possibility of samples from different Projects becoming mixed up.

EE-MTMD should also check that the staff to be used for undertaking the tests are conversant with the Standard Test Procedures and adequate Standard Laboratory Test Forms are available for each test.


Materials that are received by BRRL for testing must be checked on arrival and any damaged or contaminated samples rejected. Those that are accepted must be properly logged-in and signed for.

The testing of samples must be carried out under the supervision of EE-MTMD or other authorized representative of BRRL who will be responsible for certifying that the tests were correctly carried out with the results accurately recorded in the appropriate forms.


Following the testing of the materials EE-MTMD will undertake any required statistical analysis of the results and prepare a formal Report on Testing for review by SE-BRRL prior to submission to the relevant Superintending Officer.

EE-MTMD will retain a copy of the Report complete with the certified laboratory test forms for the BRRL library/archive.
References :

RHD Standard Test Procedures (May 2001)

RHD Standard Tender Documents (Volume 3 Specifications)

AASHTO Standard Test Procedures

British Standards
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003