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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Road Design and Safety - Road Design & Standard Division
OP/RDS/2.2 - Audit of External Road Designs
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the audit process to be adopted by Road Design and Standards Division for road designs undertaken external to the Division. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that such designs are carried out to current RHD standards as far as possible.
Definitions :

External Road Designs - designs undertaken by other Wings, Circles, Divisions or Zones within RHD, as well as local and foreign consultants.

Preliminary Design Report - a report that contains the results and analysis of data collected for the design together with a preliminary design of the project including alignment, typical sections, land take and other significant factors which influence the viability and / or detailed design of the scheme.

Detailed Design Report - a comprehensive report on the design of the project that provides the justification (and alternatives where they exist) for every aspect of the design, together with a operational and environmental impact assessment of the completed road project.
Responsibility :

Superintending Officer - the Superintending Officer for the road design will be responsible for the management and direction of the road designers, whether RHD in-house or external consultants, and will ensure that before such designs are commenced that the design team are aware of the current RHD design standards and guidelines.

Superintending Engineer - Road Design & Safety Circle (SE-RDSC) - will have overall responsibility for the design services provided by the Circle and for the audit of designs undertaken externally.

Executive Engineer - Road Design & Standard Division (EE-RDSD) - will be responsible for undertaking the audit of external road designs and for checking compliance with current RHD standards and guidelines.
Method :


It will be the responsibility of the relevant Superintending Officer to notify SE-RDSC that an external road design is being undertaken on his behalf, whereupon EE-RDSD will open a new file for the project and include the following information on the Divisional library for external road designs:

Project Title

Road name, link no., and chainage from/to

Superintending Officer

Name of designers

Date of notification

The new file for the project will take the form of a box file which, in due course, will be used to archive all correspondence, preliminary & detailed designs, reports, surveys and any other data relating to the project that have been received by Roads Design and Standards Division for the purposes of the design audit.


Upon receipt of the Preliminary Design and Preliminary Design Report for the road project EE-RDSD will first confirm that the design standards, which must be listed in the Report, correspond to the latest RHD Design standards. However In some instances it may have been necessary for departures from those standards or other (international) standards to be adopted.

Under these circumstances EE-RDSD should discuss such departures or alternative standards with SE-RDSC and other involved Divisions within RHD and, if necessary, seek approval from Chief Engineer RHD to such departures/alternatives.

Upon determining that the correct and/or approved standards have been used as a basis for the external design EE-RDSD should undertake a check that such standards have been correctly applied. In the event that departures from the approved standards are identified EE-RDSD shall refer the Preliminary Design back to the relevant Superintending Officer for corrections to be made.


Subject to approval of the Preliminary Design by the concerned Superintending Officer he will instruct those undertaking the road design to prepare the Detailed Design and corresponding Detailed Design Report. Upon completion EE-RDSD will again check that the design complies with current RHD standards, and if not will refer it back to the relevant Superintending Officer for amendments.

When the final Detailed Design appears to comply with RHD standards EE-RDSD will notify the relevant Superintending Officer of this with the added disclaimer that the responsibility for the design and compliance with RHD standards remains with the designers, and that the audit carried out is neither a design check nor an approval of the design.

Finally, EE-RDSD will retain a copy of both the Design and the Detailed Design Report for archiving along with all correspondence, calculations, and other data relating to the project.
References :

BRTA Traffic Signs Manual Volumes 1 & 2 (version Jan 00)

Geometric Design Standards of Roads & Highways Department (Nov2000)

Pavement Design Standards for Roads & Highways Department (Version 1.4)

Standard Tender Documents Volume 3 of 4 Technical Specifications (May 2001)

Standard Test Procedures (May 2001)

Standard Tender Documents Volume 4 of 4 Standard Drawings (under preparation)
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003