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RHD Operational Procedure Bridge Management Wing
Planning and Data
OP/PD/1.1 - Preparation of Annual RHD Bridge Condition Report
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process for preparation of the Annual RHD Bridge Condition Report (BCR) by Planning and Data Circle and submission to HDM Circle for incorporating, as Volume 2 of the RHD Road Network Database Annual Report.

The report presents the results of analysis of bridge condition survey data in the BMMS Database. This report summarises the current condition of all bridges managed by the RHD Bridge Management Wing.
Definitions :

RHD Road Network Database Annual Report (RNDAR) is a summarised report containing road condition data for all the zones of the RHD.

Bridge Management and Maintenance System (BMMS) is a database established with inventory and condition survey of all bridges and culverts of RHD road network and is used for bridge planning, design and management.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Bridge Management Wing (ACE-BMW) is responsible to accord approval to Annual RHD Bridge Condition Report (BCR).

Superintending Engineer - Planning & Data Circle (SE-PDC) is responsible to ensure that the BCS forms are timely sent to field offices and survey data collected regularly by his sub-ordinate offices.

Executive Engineer - Bridge Inspection & Planning Division (EE-BIPD) is responsible for overall managing the process of distributing the BCS forms, instruction to field offices to carry out bridge condition surveys, collecting and entering data timely and preparing the draft BCR.

Executive Engineers- Field Divisions will ensure that the bridge condition surveys are carried out regularly, properly and the filled-up BCS forms sent to EE-BIPD timely.

Superintending Engineer - HDM Circle (SE-HDM) is responsible to incorporate the BCR into the RNCR.
Method :


After carried out bridge condition survey in field (see OP/ZF/1.4), data received and entered (see OP/PD/2.1) the EE-BIPD with his SDE/Assistant Engineer will operate BMMS database and prepare the draft Annual RHD Bridge Condition Report (BCR). EE-BIPD will also analyse bridge condition report of previous years, prepare the improvement trend of maintenance of RHD bridge stock over the years and include this in the BCR. The report contains the bridge condition and maintenance improvement trend of bridge stock, in each zone. This is then be submitted to SE-PDC for review.


The draft BCR will be reviewed by the SE-PDC and recommended to ACE-BMW for approval. Upon approval of ACE-BMW the EE-BIPD will prepare final report and send to HDM circle to incorporate in RNDAR.
References :

Bridge Condition Survey Manual
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003