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RHD Operational Procedure Bridge Management Wing
Construction and Maintenance - Bridge Construction & Maintenance Divisions
OP/BCM/2.2 - Annual Bridge Routine and Periodic Maintenance Plan
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for preparation of RHD Annual Bridge Routine and Periodic Maintenance Plan based on approved budget for the work within each zone.
Definitions :

Annual RHD Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs Report is the prioritised list of all bridges and culverts on the RHD Road Network which require maintenance/replacement to bring back the serviceability condition to their original position. The list includes routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation (replacement) works prioritised by operating the computerised Bridge Maintenance & Management System (BMMS).

Routine Maintenance (RM) works of bridges & culverts include regular cleaning of the structure, minor repair of approaches, clearing obstructions in the channel, replacing damaged guide posts, railing, signboards, etc.

Periodic Maintenance (PM) works of bridges and culverts will include (1) major repair and protective works up to a value set by the CE-RHD annually and (2) replacement works up to a value set by the CE annually. These works will generally be carried out through Revenue Budget.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer Bridge Management Wing (ACE-BMW) recommends the Annual Bridge Routine and Periodic Maintenance Plan for approval by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Superintending Engineer Planning & Data Circle (SE-PDC) is responsible for instructions to carry out bridge maintenance, which has been re-prioritised based on the approved budget, by using the BMMS.

Executive Engineer Bridge Maintenance Programming Division (EE-BMPD) is responsible for re-prioritising the bridge maintenance needs based on approved budget by operating and analysing the BMMS with the assistance of his SDE/Assistant Engineer.

Superintending Engineer Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle (SE-BCM) ensures through EEs-BCMD that the annual bridge routine and periodic maintenance plan prepared by field offices is within the approved budget.

Additional Chief Engineer Zones are responsible for managing the preparation of the annual routine & periodic bridge maintenance plans based on approved budget and prioritised needs report and timely submission to all concerned offices through his SEs & EEs.

Superintending Engineer Maintenance Circle (SE-MC) has the overall responsibility for compilation, processing, and approval by CE-RHD, and distributing the approved plan to respective offices.
Method :


Upon receipt of the RHD Revenue Allocation from MoC, SE-MC will separate the share of bridge maintenance portion from the total allocation and communicate this to SE-PDC to re-prioritise the annual bridge maintenance and rehabilitation needs report (prepared earlier) on the basis of approved budget allocation for bridge maintenance. SE-PDC, with the assistance from his sub-ordinate offices, will operate the BMMS and prepare budget allocation of routine & periodic maintenance of bridges, broken down into zones, circles and divisions. Each zone will be supplied with the relevant section of this re-prioritised list along with budget allocation.

On the basis of this list and the updated bridge condition, each division will prepare an annual plan for bridge maintenance. This should be the optimum quantity of repair works that can be achieved within the allocated budget. This plan will then be transmitted to SE-BCM through the respective zonal offices.

The SE-BCM will review the plan along with his EEs to ensure the overall plan is within the allocated budget. Once satisfied with the submission, and receiving recommendation from ACE-BMW, SE-BCM will submit the plan to SE-MC for following the approval procedure through OP/MC/2.1 &3.1.
References :

Annual RHD Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs Report

BMMS User Manual to be prepared

Annual RHD Revenue Budget Allocation for Bridges
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003