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RHD Operational Procedure Bridge Management Wing
Construction and Maintenance - Bridge Construction & Maintenance Divisions
OP/BCM/2.4 - Handover of Structures
Purpose and Scope :

An essential purpose of the Bridge Management Wing is to improve the standard of bridges and culverts on the RHD road Network. This procedure sets out the system of acceptance of a newly constructed bridge on the RHD network. The scope covers all new bridges and culverts.
Definitions :

Principal Bridge Inspection - A full detail inspection of a structure, viewing each key structural components, bearings, hinges, joints etc. from no more than 1 metre.

Completion Certificate - as defined in the Conditions of Contract Clause 60 of the New Contract Procedures NCP Volume 2

Defects Liability Certificate - as defined in the Conditions of Contract Clause 41 of the New Contract Procedures NCP Volume 2

Superintending Officer - as defined in the Conditions of Contract Clause 1 of the New Contract Procedures NCP Volume 2

"Engineer" - as defined in the Conditions of Contract, Clause 1 of the New Contract Procedures NCP Volume 2

Final Handover Report - The report prepared by the Engineer to the Contract prior to the handover by the Contractor to the Employer of all bridges or other major structures, excluding box or slab culverts. This report fully describes the construction of the works and shall include as an appendix of all site records including approval and record forms, testing reports and progress reports. It will also include, with reference to the Final Engineering Design Report and future maintenance of the structure. A copy of the report shall be sent to the EE of BMC Division for archive and future reference.

BCS1 and BCS2 - Bridge Condition Survey Form 1 and 2, which gives details of the structure and its condition. These are used as input to the Bridge Maintenance and Management System, the RHD Bridge maintenance database.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle - Accepts or rejects the structure as suitable to be included on the RHD road network.

Executive Engineer - Bridge Construction & Maintenance Divisions - Carries out or arranges to be carried out a PBI and reports the findings to the Superintending Engineer.

Engineer - Reviews the PBI Report and the acceptance or rejection of the SE-BCM and decides if any the liability lies with the Contractor before finalising the snagging list included in the Completion Certificate.

Superintending Officer - Requests Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle to inspect the bridge(s) at least 2 weeks prior to the anticipated Completion Date of the Contract. Arranges for any necessary work, identified by the SE-BCM that is not covered under the Defects Liability of the Works Contract.
Method :


Each new bridge, culvert or structure constructed for RHD must be accepted by RHD for inclusion on RHD road network. All bridges and culverts must include a condition survey before acceptance. For bridges in excess of 20m span this condition survey is carried out as a PBI. This procedure gives the mechanism of acceptance.

Small structures of 20m or less can be accepted by the Superintending Officer to the Contract after a satisfactory BCS1 and BCS2 survey and he is satisfied that they have been designed and constructed properly, are safe and ready for use.

Larger structures must be subjected to BCS and a more thorough inspection using the PBI Procedures. The flowchart for the process is shown in serial-6 of this procedure.

The Executive Engineers-Bridge Construction & Maintenance Divisions shall be responsible for ensuring the safe, retrievable archiving of the Final Handover Report, the PBIs and BCS forms. He is also responsible for ensuring that the relevant information is included on the BMMS database and if the bridge or culvert is a replacement for that the original bridge details are removed from the current database.


In addition a PBI shall be carried out prior to the expiry of the Defects Liability Period of the Works Contract to ensure that there are no latent defects that need to addressed by the Engineer and before the Contractor is relieved of his responsibilities under the Contract. Dependent on the findings of the Inspection the Engineer, Superintending Officer, SE-BCM or any combination ensure that any necessary identified work is carried out to ensure the life and safety of the structure.
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003