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RHD Operational Procedure – Bridge Management Wing
Construction and Maintenance - Bridge Construction & Maintenance Divisions
OP/BCM/2.3 - As-built Drawings
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes how to prepare as-built drawings of a structure after completion of construction work. As-built drawings are prepared by the bridge project contractor, checked and accepted by the respective “Engineer” to the contract.

As-built drawings should be prepared for all repaired and new structures on the RHD Road Network and archived for future reference.
Definitions :

As-Built Drawings – are drawings prepared by the contractor after completion of construction. These need to incorporate all changes made during construction in the original drawings, and will be subsequently checked and approved by “Engineer” to the contract.

“Engineer” – is the official Engineer for each construction contract, in accordance with the RHD New Contracting Procedures.
Responsibility :

“Engineer” – is responsible for ensuring as-built drawings are prepared by the contractor to reflect the actual works constructed.
Method :


When construction of a structure is complete and accepted by “Engineer” the contractor should prepare as-built drawings. The contractor will collate all the official notes regarding any change in the design issued during construction period and will incorporate these in the as-built drawings. The contractor must also visit site to ensure all such changes are reflected in the drawings. Once the drawings have been prepared, they will be sent to the respective “Engineer” to the contract for review and approval.


Upon receipt of the as-built drawing, “Engineer” will verify the drawings with the official notes issued time to time regarding any change of design and office record of actual construction accomplished. These drawings should also be checked on site against the bridge/culvert as constructed. He may ask for any clarification or modification. Once satisfied with the submission, The "Engineer" will accept these drawings, keep record in his office and send to the EE- BD for archiving.
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003