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RHD Operational Procedure – Bridge Management Wing
Construction and Maintenance
OP/BCM/1.1 - Annual Review of Contract Documentation
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of the Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle is to improve construction of bridges and culverts. In order for this to be achieved contract documentation and specifications need to be kept up-to-date and supported by good construction and maintenance practice, and conform to current design criteria. Feedback from the field and through monitoring (OP/BCM/2.1) may suggest a variety of improvements.
Definitions :

Technical Specification - the RHD Standard Technical Specification (Volume 3 of NCP).

Special Specification - A special specification related to specific contracts.

Monitoring Team (MT) - Experts selected and headed by an Executive Engineer Bridge Construction and Management. It may include, as necessary, experts from outside the Division.

Engineer’s Representative (ER) Report - A report made on a monthly basis by the ER at the same time as the Monthly Certificate giving a brief report of progress, any problems encountered and how they have been dealt with. It should also indicate potential difficulties that need to be monitored or on which technical assistance may be necessary. It should also include an assessment of the progress against the Contractual programme.

Monitoring Report - A report prepared by the MT, submitted to the Superintending Engineer-Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle, to review and take any required action for improvement in construction and maintenance of bridges and culverts.

Final Engineering Report - The report includes:

1. The design brief,

2. Reference documents including surveys, topographical, soils and hydrological and hydrographical.

3. Any necessary assumptions during the design.

4. The design calculations,

5. Proposed maintenance requirements.

Final Handover Report - The report prepared by the Engineer to the Contract prior to the handover by the Contractor to the Employer of all bridges or other major structures, excluding box or slab culverts. This report fully describes the construction of the works and shall include as an appendix of all site records including approval and record forms, testing reports and progress reports. It will also include, with reference to the Final Engineering Design Report details for future maintenance of the structure. A copy of the report shall be sent to the EE of BCM Division for archive and future reference.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer – Bridge Management Wing – endorses proposed amendments, addition and deletions to be submitted to ACE-Planning & Maintenance Wing.

Superintending Engineer – Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle - chairs and forms a panel of experts including all the EE in the Circle, representatives of the Bridge Design Circle and any special invitees, Project Directors or field EE’s he feels fit to assist in the review of the Technical Specification. He appoints a panel secretary to manage the documentation.

Panel Secretary – the EE appointed by the SE-BCM to undertake the collation of documents and draft amendments agreed by the Panel.
Method :


An annual review of the contract documents is carried out by the Planning & Maintenance Wing, (OP/PC/3.2). This procedure sets out how the Bridge Management Wing makes its recommendation for amendment to this annual review.

The Superintending Engineer-Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle forms a panel of experts to review possible improvements to the Technical Specification.

During the previous year there will have been a number of requests to use Special Specification Clauses, all these should be reviewed to establish consistency in specification requirements and or measurement and payment methods. The panel should in addition peruse all Final Design Engineering Reports, Monitoring Reports, and as necessary ER Reports and Final Handover Reports to identify new common Specification Clauses, changes to existing clauses, deletion of existing clause and decide what improvements, if any should be made to RHD’s standard Technical Specification (NCP Volume 3).

The panel will review all the information and draft new Specifications, Method of Measurement and payment methods that they believe appropriate to be included in reviewed RHD Technical Specification. The Superintending Engineer-BCM Circle will submit the recommended changes to ACE-Bridge Management Wing for endorsement prior to submission to the ACE-Planning & Maintenance Wing for the formal review and recommendation to the Chief Engineer. (Ref OP/PC/3.2).
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003