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RHD Operational Procedure Bridge Management Wing
Planning and Data - Bridge Maintenance Programming Division
OP/PD/3.1 - Preparation of Annual RHD Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs Report
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes how to prepare the Annual RHD Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs Report, which is a prioritised list of all structures in RHD Road Network. This is prepared by the Bridge Maintenance & Programming Division for onward submission to SE Maintenance Circle (for revenue budget) and SE Planning & Programming Circle (for development budget).
Definitions :

Annual RHD Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs Report is the prioritised list of all bridges and culverts on the RHD Road Network which require maintenance/rehabilitation to bring back the serviceability condition to their original position. The list includes routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation works prioritised by operating the computerised Bridge Maintenance & Management System (BMMS).

Bridge Management and Maintenance System (BMMS) - is a database established with condition survey of all bridges and culverts of RHD road network and is used in bridge planning, design and management role.

Routine Maintenance (RM) - works of bridges & culverts include regular cleaning of the structure, minor repair of approaches, clearing small obstructions in the channel, replacing damaged guide posts, railing, signboards, etc.

Periodic Maintenance (PM) - works of bridges and culverts will include (1) major repair and protective works up to a value set by the CE, RHD annually and (2) replacement works up to a value set by the CE annually.

Rehabilitation - works will include any work exceeding the set value mentioned in (1) and (2) above.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Bridge Management Wing (ACE-BMW) - approves the Needs Report

Superintending Engineer - Planning & Data Circle (SE-PDC) - is responsible for recommending the report to ACE-BMW for approval.

Executive Engineer - Bridge Maintenance Programming Division (EE-BMPD) - is responsible for preparing the Needs Report by operating and analysing the BMMS with the assistance of his SDE/Assistant Engineer.
Method :


Upon receipt of instruction from SE-PDC, EE-BPMD (with the assistance from his SDE/Assistant Engineer) will operate the BMMS to establish the prioritised list of bridges & culverts, which require routine, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation. He will ensure that latest data of bridge condition is used. He will collect the information of on-going and new schemes from Monitoring and Planning & Programming Circle. Then he will prepare the needs report showing separately the works to be done through revenue and development budget. Revenue budget will generally include the works of routine maintenance (RM) and periodic maintenance (PM) up to a value set by the CE and development budget will include PM works exceeding the set value and all rehabilitation works as described in the definitions above. Both the list of maintenance works (revenue) and development works (replacement) will be prioritised using criteria defined within the BMMS (see OP/PD/3.3).


SE-PDC reviews this needs report, amends the report if necessary in consultation with EE-BMPD and submits to ACE-BMW. Once satisfied with the submission ACE-BMW will approve the needs report and transmit to SE-Maintenance Circle (for revenue budget) and to SE-Planning & Programming Circle (for development budget).


A co-ordination committee needs to be established to ensure ADP and maintenance works are clearly based on prioritised road and bridge needs reports in a clearly co-ordinated manner. It is important for the Bridge Management Wing to have equal voting and representation on this committee. This should make sure that.

Prioritised roads projects include bridge maintenance/replacements necessary to ensure improved access is achieved.

Prioritised bridge projects include any required approach road works.

Conflicts between bridge and road replacements and maintenance are resolved (e.g. don't plan to overlay road and then replace culvert afterwards; don't plan to be maintenance on road (bridge that is planned to be replaced).
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003