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RHD Operational Procedure – Bridge Management Wing
Bridge Design - Bridge Design Divisions
OP/BD/2.3 - Preparation of Bridge Maintenance Manuals and Plans
Purpose and Scope :

Maintenance is essential to minimise the whole life cost of a structure. To make best use of limited funds the Bridge Design Circle produces and maintains a Bridge Maintenance Manual covering all bridges and culverts on the Network.

As part of the design and construction process all new bridges have their own Maintenance Plan.

This procedure sets out the process for producing and maintaining a Bridge Maintenance Manual and how guidelines for preparing Maintenance Plans for specific structures.
Definitions :

Bridge Maintenance Manual – a document produced and maintained by the Bridge Management Wing to assist those in the field on best practices in bridge maintenance.

Bridge Maintenance Plan – a document initiated at the time of design and updated after completion, setting out an inspection and maintenance regime necessary to maximise whole life costing of a structure.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer – Bridge Management Wing – approves the Maintenance Manual.

Superintending Engineer – Bridge Design Circle

1. Recommends Maintenance Manual for approval.

2. Carries out an annual Review of the Maintenance Manual and amends as necessary.

3. Ensures that there is a Maintenance Plan for all new structures.

4. Approves the Maintenance Plan.

Executive Engineer – Bridge Design Divisions

1. Selected EE prepares Maintenance Manual in consultation with other EEs in the Circle and EEs from the BMW and as necessary from Field Divisions.

2. Assists the SE in the Annual Review.
Method :


The Superintending Engineer allocates one of his EE’s to lead a Team to prepare a Bridge Maintenance Manual. The team should include experienced representatives from the other Circles in the Wing and, if appropriate, some representatives from the Field.

A clear, full definition of Routine and Periodic Maintenance for bridgework should be identified in this document. Much routine maintenance is preventative maintenance and if carried out early can result in major cost savings – the manual will clearly identify this with examples of preventative maintenance work. This will be instructive to those in the Field on how to inspect and carry out effective cleaning of key elements of each structure, preventative measures to be taken and repair. The descriptions should include materials, equipment and safety measures necessary to protect both the public and the workforce.

On issues of safety the document will give a timescale from identification to completion for temporary repair to ensure safety. For permanent repair it should give guidelines on timescales for repair. (It is appreciated that the latter may be dependent on budget.)

Once the selected EE has prepared the Bridge Maintenance Manual he shall present it to the Superintending Engineer for review, who will recommend it for formal approval from the ACE-BMW. Once approved, the maintenance manual will be registered as a BMW standard and sent to all Divisions for implementation and feedback.

Annually thereafter the document will be reviewed by the Superintending Engineer and his EEs based on feedback and monitoring by the Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle.


These documents are specific to a structure, or structure type and should be prepared at the design stage and updated on Completion of the Works. These give specific guidance for bridge inspection, including detailing what should be inspected/monitored and frequency. These documents will include details of bearings, joints and hinges, and their tolerance for movement. They must be copied to the Field Division and a master set registered and kept by the Bridge Design Circle for reference.
References :

RHD Bridge Maintenance Manual (to be developed).
Procedure Flowchart :





For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003