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RHD Operational Procedure Planning and Maintenance Wing
Procurement - Documentation & Procurement Division
OP/PC/3.1- Maintenance of Procurement Documentation
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for maintaining a database within Procurement Circle of the procurement documentation for all contracts undertaken by RHD.
Definitions :

Procurement Documentation is deemed to include copies of all relevant reports, orders, authorizations, notices, correspondence and other documents related to the procurement of works, goods or services by RHD. It will include, but will not be limited to, the pre-qualification of contractors, the tendering process and the award of contract.
Responsibility :

Executive Engineer Documentation & Procurement Division (EE-DPD) responsible for compiling and maintaining procurement documentation for all RHD contracts.

Executive Engineer Zones & Wings (EE-Z/W) responsible for supplying EE/DPD copies of procurement documentation for all contracts undertaken by them.

Additional Chief Engineer Zones/Wings (ACE-Z/W) responsible for notifying EE/DPD prior to any procurement being undertaken by his Zone/Wing.
Method :


Under the Public Procurement Regulations currently being promoted by the Ministry of Planning, at the end of each fiscal year CE/RHD will be required to undertake a review of the procurement process adopted for not less than 15% of the contracts awarded during the year using independent consultants.

Every stage of the procurement process is covered by either Government or RHD regulations/procedures. The purpose of this Operating Procedure is to establish how a database of procurement documentation should be established and maintained within RHD. Checking that such documentation complies with the various RHD standards and procedures does not form part of this Operating Procedure.

Accordingly, this Procedure only covers the receipt of procurement documentation from the various Wings and Zones of RHD by Procurement Circle and the filing by them of this information in a systematic manner.

To ensure that this information is provided to Procurement Circle in a timely manner, an Office Order from CE/RHD will be required instructing all ACE/ZWs to provide copies of procurement documentation relating to each key stage of every procurement within one month of the completion of that stage.


Clearly any procurement undertaken directly by Procurement Circle will be supported by full documentation and all correspondence relating to it. Where procurement is being undertaken by others, it would be impractical for every letter, e-mail, report and all other correspondence relating to the procurement to be copied to Procurement Circle for filing. At Section 6 of this Procedure the minimum documentation to demonstrate that the procurement has been correctly undertaken is identified, and EE/DPD should use this as a checklist for the information to be provided by the Wings/Zones.

Upon notification by an ACE/ZW that a procurement is to be undertaken by his zone or wing, EE/DPD should notify the relevant EE/ZW of the required minimum information to be copied to Procurement Circle (i.e. the checklist) and confirm that the responsibility for supplying this information rests with the EE/ZW and that no reminders will be given.


For every procurement there will be copies of letters and other single A4 sheets, together with A4 reports and possibly books of A3 drawings and all documentation relating to a particular procurement should be kept together for easy retrieval.

The manner in which procurement documentation is filed and subsequently archived (for a number of years) will be for Procurement Circle to determine. However it is suggested that the procurement documentation for each procurement is kept in a separate box file or ring binder file. In either case the file should contain a checklist for the required procurement documentation, ticked and dated as and when documents are received. Once in/on the file, documents can be copied but should not be removed for any reason.


During March / April each year EE/DPD should check all procurement files and make contact with the respective EE/ZWs to confirm the status of those that are not complete. Where contracts have been completed or are substantially in advance of the procurement documentation supplied to Procurement Circle, EE/DPD should compile a list of such projects and advise CE/RHD accordingly.

For those files where the procurement documentation is complete, the files should be sealed and archived for future reference.
References :

OP/PC/2.1 Pre-qualification of Contractors for GoB Funded Projects

OP/PC/2.2 Preparation of Tender Documents for GoB Funded Projects

OP/PC/2.3 - Evaluation of Tenders

OP/PC/2.4 Appointment of Consultants for GoB Funded Project
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003