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RHD Operational Procedure Planning and Maintenance Wing
Procurement - Contract Evaluation Division
OP/PC/2.1 - Pre-qualification of Contractors for GoB Funded Projects
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for the pre-qualification of contractors for GoB funded projects where no overseas aid agency is involved.
Definitions :

Pre-qualification the method of short listing of eligible contractors on the basis of their ability to undertake particular construction works in relation to set criteria for those works required by RHD.

Verification Physical and other checks to determine whether or not information provided by a contractor is correct.

New Contracting Procedure (NCP) comprises Volumes 1-4 of the approved Standard Tender Documents (Sept.2001 incorporating approved updates / amendments).
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer (ACE) will act as the Superintending Officer of the contract in case the value of contract is more than Taka 3 crores.

Superintending Engineer (SE) will act as either Engineer or Superintending Officer if the contract value is more than Taka 3 crores or up to Taka 3 crores respectively.

Executive Engineer (EE) will act as Engineer of the contract for contract value up to Taka 3 crores.

Superintending Engineer Procurement Circle (SE-PC) has overall responsibilities for circulating approved standard RHD documents and guidelines to ensure that the pre-qualification of the contractors is carried out correctly by the concerned procuring entity.
Method :


When tenders are to be invited for a particular contract this can generally be done in two ways, namely;

Open Tendering whereby any contractor of eligible category can participate in the tender.

Restricted Tendering whereby shortlists of contractors are invited to tender (by the Employer), having previously demonstrated their ability to undertake the contract.

It is neither necessary nor desirable that pre-qualification of contractors is undertaken for every tender that is called, particularly where the works involved are similar to previous tenders. On the other hand, it can be the case that when open tendering is adopted for contracts of bigger size and complex nature, the lowest tenders are from contractors without the necessary experience or financial ability to undertake the contracts, which inevitably leads to difficulties when their tenders have to be rejected.

Accordingly restricted tendering can be beneficial in such cases to both the Employer and contractors but it necessarily requires that the pre-qualification process is correctly carried out, which may result in some contractors failing to pre-qualify.


The decision to undertake the pre-qualification of contractors for a particular contract must come from the concerned Additional Chief Engineer on the basis of the proposal initiated by the concerned authorised officer calling the tender of that particular contract.


The pre-qualification advertisement will include

The name and address of the procuring entity

A brief description of the object of the procurement (i.e. description of the works) including the desired time for delivery or completion

The means and conditions for obtaining the pre-qualification documents and the place from which they may be obtained

A summary of the required qualification criteria

The place and deadline for submission of the applications to pre-qualify (allow 28 days minimum for submission of applications)

Pre-qualification Document will include:

Instructions for preparing and submitting pre-qualification documents

A general description of the work

Required qualifications of contractors

- previous relevant experience on the type of work involved

- equipment capabilities

- financial soundness

- litigation history

- personnel experience

Upon completion of the draft advertisement and pre-qualification documents those should be approved by the concerned ACE.


Upon approval from the ACE the agreed advertisement will be posted in both Bengali and English national newspapers and on the RHD web site by the representative of the Employer authorised to call the tender (SE or EE as the case may be).


Should any contractors seek clarification of the pre-qualification documents during the period allowed, and then the SE/EE will agree the RHD response with the relevant ACE before supplying it to the contractors. In addition, both the question (without identifying the source) and the RHD response will be posted on the RHD web site.


The evaluation of pre-qualification documents submitted by contractors must be rigorous and any information supplied by contractors must be substantiated. The evaluation will be undertaken by an evaluation committee formed by the ACE.

Upon completion of the evaluation of all submitted pre-qualification applications (documents), approval will be needed to be obtained from the ACE for the recommended short list of contractors to be selected for participation in the concerned tender.


Upon approval of the evaluation report on the pre-qualification of contractors by the ACE, all contractors should be notified of the success, or otherwise, of their application to pre-qualify.

The notification to contractors should be by means of a standard letter issued by the authorised representative of the Employer, and in the case of contractors that did not pre-qualify, it should briefly state the reasons (e.g. inadequate previous experience in works of a similar nature etc.).
References :

RHD Standard Tender Documents (September 2001).

OP/PC/2.3 Evaluation of Tenders.

Standard RHD Pre-qualification Document.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003