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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Procurement - Contract Evaluation Division
OP/PC/2.5 - Maintenance of Tender Notice Database
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for maintaining the tender notification database, which contains current notices for all Roads and Highways Department contracts. The general public can view all tender notifications by logging on to the RHD website (www.rhdbangladesh.org).
Definitions :

Tender Notice - contains all information which contractors require to tender for a contract, including times for selling, submitting and opening tenders, description of the work, category of contractor etc. All tender notices are advertised on the notice boards of the respective RHD offices and for contracts greater than Taka 80,000 they are published in the national daily press.

Tender Notification Database - a database containing all tender notices for contracts of value greater than Taka 80,000 advertised by RHD offices nation-wide, which can be viewed publicly on the RHD web-site.

Annual Development Programme (ADP) - is the operational document of the GoB’s five-year plan and includes Annual Financial Program of all types of GoB funded and Foreign Aided Projects, which are ongoing and newly included. The ADP consists of the main investment programme, technical assistance programme and self-financed programme, which are sub-divided into the different government sectors. The ADP is published in June and is available to the public.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - Procurement Circle (SE-PC) - has overall responsibility for ensuring that the database is maintained and that the process is conducted efficiently.

Executive Engineer - Contract Evaluation Division - Procurement Circle (EE-CED) - is responsible for managing the collection of data, monitoring the status and accuracy of information, maintaining the database records and ensuring that the information is archived.

Executive Systems Analyst - Software Development Division - MIS & Estates Circle (ESA-SD) - responsible for maintaining the database software and resolving any problems within the limits defined in the IT procedures. Also works closely with the Procurement Circle in order to develop the database.

Sub-Divisional Engineer - Library & Records - MIS & Estates Circle (SDE-L&R) - responsible for archiving the tender notices, including transferring the data to CDs for storage.
Method :


The EE-CED receives copies of Tender Notices for contracts from the field divisions, projects and headquarters wings well ahead of the last date for submission of tenders. The authorised officers for calling tenders should make it a point that the tender notice is sent to EE-CED at the earliest opportunity - preferably concurrently at the time the notices are sent for publication in the newspapers.

The notices are checked to ensure that they conform to current contract procedures and are valid projects, which are contained in the ADP. The EE-CED will refer any major discrepancy if noticed to the appropriate office promptly, in order that the notice can be amended timely.


The EE-CED supervises the entry of data on the Tender Notification Database by the staff of his Circle to ensure that the information on the database tallies with the original Tender Notice. The tender notification is then made live on the website.


The EE-CED ensures that the Tender Notices displayed are current and that they are removed from the website when the closing date for tender submission has passed. The old notices remain on the database for reference purposes for 3 months and are then stored on CDs in the RHD Library - see Operational Procedure 2.3 - Records and Archives.


The ESA-SDD works closely with the Procurement Circle in order to receive feedback on the operation of the tender notification system and develop the database. The MIS and Estates Circle will provide a rapid response to any technical problems, via the Help Desk in accordance with Operational Procedure 2.5 - Technology Information Management.


Authority and approval for the procurement process for GoB projects is through the respective EE, SE and ACE posts in each field zone or the relevant circle/wing. However, some monitoring of procurement at head office is still necessary to check that appropriate contract awards are made through “best practice” procurement to the NCP, and followed effectively throughout RHD.

Monitoring should include all stages of procurement:

Budget & Project Approval: ensure feasibility study, survey and site investigation, EIA etc. sufficient and completed.

Feasibility study, Environment, Resettlement, Land Acquisition: all completed, for design and PCP approval.

Prequalification process: only eligible contractor prequalified and no unfair exclusion.

Design and standards: checked, approval to current standards, (includes based on traffic data and bridges by ACE-BMW).

Contracts documents: correct form used, quality checked.

Tender Evaluation: pricing anomalies highlighted, lowest tender selection unless legitimate reason for exclusion.

Contract award: contract documents produced and signed by appropriate persons. Land available.

Monitoring during and after contracts are responsibility of the Monitoring Circle and the Maintenance Circle for ADP and maintenance works respectively.

The tender notice database should be used to monitor contract size (how projects are split into contracts). Other monitoring is on the basis of information received by the Procurement Circle (e.g. Tender Notices and bids for contracts over 5 Lakh Taka as of December 2003). Monitoring will be improved through introduction of the Project Monitoring System.

Until this is up and running monitoring should be carried out on a selective basis only for contracts across the field zones and divisions. This will either require visits to the field or copies of procurement data to be requested and received from the zones.
References :

Tender Notification Database User Manual - RHD Intranet or RHD Web-site - to be developed.

RHD Standard Contract Documents - Users Manual for Volume 1 of 4 - The Tender (September 2001).
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003