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RHD Operational Procedure Planning and Maintenance Wing
HDM - Database Division
OP/HDM/2.4 - Map and Data Request
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this operational procedure is to describe the methods of managing and responding to requests for maps and data.
Definitions :

The Law of Information Technology ACT

The intent of this policy and procedure is to provide for fair and consistent access to RHD GIS data and map products within the spirit of Information Technology Act of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB). (Please review Information Technology ACT and ICT Policy of GoB for further details).

Service Definitions

GIS Data: Computer files, which contain geographic features of RHD Road network and other related features and tabular information, geo-referenced with earth's surface are considered as GIS Road data. RHD uses GIS data developed within its departments and acquired ancillary data sets from outside sources (e.g LGED, EGIS, City Corporation etc). RHD developed GIS data sets are updated and maintained by GIS Division staff.

Maps: Digital or hardcopy maps documents can be created for presentation from the RHD GIS. GIS maps are presented on the RHD GIS website (currently under development), and in RHD reports and publications. These maps are considered as public information in most cases and are available for the cost of reproduction.

Access and Distribution

Access: RHD will maintain Internet/Intranet from which users may browse and make query to access GIS data. General users can access some common GIS data and maps. Special users would be given access to use more special types of GIS data.

Distribution: Distribution means GIS maps or data are to be distributed on floppy disk, CDROM or any medium. Hardcopy maps are to be printed in several sizes and scales. Before delivery can be started, (outside RHD, MoC, Planning Commission) and the RHD must receive payment for labour, materials, and shipping costs.
Responsibility :

The SE-HDM Circle - is responsible for processing requests from outside clients. Depending on the nature of the request he will require EE-database to prepare the maps or data requested.

The EE-Database - are responsible for preparing the answer to the received questions to SE-HDM for approval. SE HDM submits the requested report to the client.
Method :


1. Prepare written request to SE HDM Circle and fill in the Data Requisition Form, which includes:

GIS or other data set name(s)

Payment in the amount of Taka per Hardcopy Map (data to be delivered on CD ROM or Floppy disk is to be approved by ACE)

Complete GIS Data Distribution Agreement

Delivery and contact information as necessary

2. Submit the request to: Superintending Engineer (SE) - HDM Circle


1. HDM Circle/Database Division staff will receive requests via the SE HDM and upon receipt the staff will process the requests.

2. EE Database will assign AEs for the delivery of data to requester.

Requests will be completed on a first come first served basis. However, RHD's internal priorities may supersede external requests. Database staff will make the best effort possible to fulfil requests in a timely fashion. No guaranteed delivery dates or times are possible.

RHD GIS map document should have a title, date, contact person, phone number, and source file information printed somewhere on it.


Confidential Information: RHD cannot provide access to or distribute some types of information held within RHD GIS. This data will be identified by database staff and removed from the data before it is distributed.

Non - RHD GIS Data: Some of the organisations and companies from which RHD acquires GIS data copyright or place other usage and distribution restrictions on their data sets. RHD abides by these copyrights and restrictions. RHD will refer the requester to the source organisation when requester requests data on which re-distribution restrictions have been placed.


RHD does not normally create custom GIS data sets nor does it convert hard copy or digital documents to other formats for distribution purposes. The external users are responsible for performing conversion, digitising, sub-setting, spatial analysis, and graphic representation operations on the data.

RHD creates custom GIS map products only as components of services and product packages, which satisfy its departmental requirements.

Educational Institutions: Provision may be given for educational and research institute to access RHD GIS data with no charge compensation.

RHD or other projects may be encouraged to staff additional temporary posts within the HDM Circle to develop and use maps and data in a way that serves both project needs and the future development of the RHD GIS and RMMS systems.


As per Government procedures and rules.
References :

RHD Road User Cost Annual Report - published by the Economics Circle

Indent form - to be developed.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003