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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Economics - Economic Policy & Planning Division
OP/EC/4.1 - Operation & Maintenance of Socio Economic Indicator Database and Social Impact Assessment
Purpose and Scope :

The Socio-economic indicators database will contain a range of data reflecting the socio-economic profile of different areas. The exact scope and nature of the data may include information on population segregated by gender, employment, agriculture, industry, education, health & sanitation and other community facilities. This may be linked to the GIS database and RMMS, and used to evaluate impact of changes with to the RHD Network in order to assess the impact of RHD's work on the GoB's wider goal of poverty alleviation (Ref. National Land Transport Policy).
Definitions :

Socio Economic Indicators– Indicators of the social and economic impacts of a project on the population segregated by gender, in the area of influence of the scheme. This may include population characteristics, employment characteristics, income characteristics and the location of community facilities.
Responsibility :

Chief Transport Economist – approves database development and budget.

Executive Transport Economist – Economic Planning & Policy Division (ETE-EPPD)– designs and plans surveys, analyses data and supervises input to database.

Assistant Transport Economist – Economic Planning & Policy Division (ATE-EPPD)– development and conducts field surveys and enters data as required.
Method :

References :

Procedure Flowchart :

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Updated on : 1/12/2003