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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Maintenance - Periodic Maintenance Division
OP/MC/3.1 - Preparation of Annual Periodic Maintenance Programme
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for the preparation of the RHD Annual Periodic Maintenance Programme based on the approved budget for this work and the schedule of roads requiring this treatment contained in the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report.
Definitions :

Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report – a report containing a prioritised list of roads for the whole of the RHD network using the HDM 4 model. The Report includes routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation/reconstruction works needed to be done on different sections of roads prioritised on the basis of the net present value to cost ratio of the proposed individual works.

Budget Allocation for Periodic Maintenance – the proportion of the RHD Annual Revenue Budget Allocation from the Ministry of Finance that has been assigned to major periodic maintenance.

Periodic Maintenance Programme (PMP) – comprises the different types of surface treatments to be applied periodically on the existing pavement to increase the longevity of the pavement as well as to improve the quality of the riding surface. The treatments include premixed bituminous overlay by machine or hand laid method and machine laid DBST or SBST to existing roads.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer – Planning & Maintenance Wing (ACE-PMW) – responsible for planning and monitoring the large-scale periodic maintenance works of the RHD road network.

Superintending Engineer – Maintenance Circle (SE-MC) – responsible for the preparation of the Budget Allocation proposal for Annual Periodic Maintenance Programme (PMP) and subsequent activities in connection with procurement of PMP contracts.

Executive Engineer – Periodic Maintenance Division (EE-PMD) – responsible for assisting the SE/MC in the preparation of the contract packages for the Annual Periodic Maintenance Programme including pre-qualification of contractors and selection of contractors for PMP packages.

Executive Engineers – Field Divisions (EE-FD) – responsible for the field verification of contract packages and the preparation of Engineer’s Estimates for these works.
Method :


Of the total maintenance programme in RHD, Routine maintenance of the paved road network within Zones is undertaken by RHD Field Divisions and sub-Divisions using a direct labour force under the supervision of RHD field engineers. The budget allocation to each Zone for maintenance is intended to cover the overhead costs (salaries, vehicles, buildings, etc.) for each Zone together with the operating costs for routine maintenance in terms of maintenance equipment, labour, materials and fuel.

In addition to routine maintenance by direct labour the field divisions are responsible for the procurement of contractors to undertake periodic maintenance of the road network for which there are two budget allocations:

(i) Minor Periodic Maintenance - unspecified minor works (i.e. not included in the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report) that are identified by the field divisions during regular inspections of the road network, which forms part of routine maintenance.

(ii) Major Periodic Maintenance – planned major works that have been included in the large scale Periodic Maintenance Programme (PMP) based on the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report.


Based on the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report prepared by the HDM Circle, SE-MC with the assistance of EE-PMD will prepare a tentative PMP programme for the next fiscal year after selecting the appropriate candidate sections of the road network in recognition of the available budget allocation and giving due consideration to rational regional resource distribution, ensuring a balanced economic approach in selection of candidates/types of surface treatment in order to cover the optimum length with the limited fund, location of similar works done in previous years or planned to be carried out in subsequent years through either GOB or foreign aided projects and so on. For each road the listing will contain:

· Road name

· Link number

· Length and Chainage (from / to)

· Periodic maintenance treatment required

The next step will be the preparation of the proposed list of contract packages out of the list of selected candidate road sections giving due consideration to the size of the packages so that wider participation by contractors is encouraged.

Following this will be field verification of the proposed package sections to assess the suitability of the various treatments and to assess the extent of necessary surface preparation (levelling course) and ancillary works as input to the preparation of the Engineer's Estimate for each package.

The final step will be finalisation of the Engineer's Estimate for each package following the field verification and concurrence by the field officials, and on this basis the PMP for the next year will be finalised both in terms of costs and locations.
References :

Annual Road Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report

Annual Budget Allocation for Periodic Maintenance
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003