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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
MIS and Estates - Hardware and Network
OP/ME/2.2 - Network and Communications Systems
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure cover the operation and maintenance of computer networks, email system and telephone system.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the operation and maintenance of network and communication systems are done in a systematic way and in accordance with other procedures of the circle.
Definitions :

LAN - An in-house network connecting several computers, printers and/or other equipment, called a Local Area Network.

MAN - A network connecting computer equipment throughout a metropolitan area by the use of e.g. cables or Radio Link. This is called a Metropolitan Area Network.

PABX - An in-house telephone exchange connecting all telephone lines.
Responsibility :

The Superintendent Engineer - has overall responsibility for ensuring that adequate, trained personnel and logistic resources are available for implementation of this procedure.

The Executive Computer Maintenance Engineer - is responsible for ensuring that operation and protection of the network servers confirm to this procedure.

The Computer Maintenance Engineer/Network Administrator - has the day to day responsibility for the operation and protection of the servers, and ensure that data stored are kept as per this procedure.
Method :

1. Prepare and maintain inventory & map of existing computer and telephone network and its elements all over RHD including LANs, Radio Links, cables, switches, hubs and PABXes.

2. Collect information for all offices in the field and metropolitan areas about their computer equipment and availability of the external communications.

3. Maintain (master) plan for connection of all offices and the requirements of computer and telephone in and between each office.

4. Identify present traffic and predict traffic/bandwidth/network/communications to ensure good utilisation of the RHD MIS.

5. Identify minimum store keeping requirements of network/telephone spare parts, and seek to establish this for smooth operation of the LANs, MANs, Internet & Email access and telephone systems.

6. Maintain contract and service level agreement with an ISP for operation and maintenance of a high quality broadband connection adequate and suitable for:
i) exchange of Email for the whole of RHDTC
ii) host the RHD/MoC website with satisfactory upload speed
iii) browsing of Internet for the number of RHD officers targeted in the Annual Plan.

7. Plan, procure and maintain a PABX centrally with sufficient number of telephone lines and extensions in compliance with procedure OP/ME/1.3.

8. Procure, install and maintain computer and network equipment as per Annual Plan, OP/ME/1.2.

9. Monitor performance of the RHD LAN/MAN/Email/PABX and take required action to maintain a high service level.

10. Update the inventory for any changes to the system.

11. Ensure that all personnel involved are given adequate training and that they keep their skills update.
References :

This procedure shall comply with procedure OP/ME/1.1, OP/ME/2.1 and OP/ME/1.4.
Procedure Flowchart :





For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004