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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Maintenance - Routine Maintenance Division
OP/MC/2.1 - Preparation of Annual Routine Maintenance Programme
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for the preparation of the RHD Annual Routine Maintenance Programme based on the approved budget for this work within each zone.
Definitions :

Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report – an annual report containing the prioritised listing of routine and periodic maintenance for the RHD road network based on the HDM–4 computer model.

Budget Allocation for Routine Maintenance – the proportion of the RHD Annual Revenue Budget Allocation from the Ministry of Finance and subsequent distribution of fund among divisions that has been assigned to routine maintenance

Routine Maintenance – Routine maintenance includes day-to-day repair of the roads, bridges and culverts to keep the road traffic worthy. The common routine maintenance activities are the repair of potholes, crack sealing, repair of edge drop, grass cutting, repair of cross drainage, flanks dressing, minor repair to bridge/culvert, sign/signals and approaches to ferry ghat etc. Routine Maintenance also includes minor periodic maintenance as defined in OP/MC/3.1.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer – Planning & Maintenance Wing (ACE-PMW) – responsible for planning and monitoring both the routine and periodic maintenance of the RHD road network.

Superintending Engineer – Maintenance Circle (SE-MC) – responsible for the preparation of the division-wise draft fund distribution list for routine maintenance works including overhead costs like staff salaries, operation and maintenance of inspection vehicles/machinery etc.

Executive Engineer – Routine Maintenance Division (EE-RMD) – responsible for the preparation/compilation of the Annual Routine Maintenance Programme for the RHD road network provided by the zones.
Method :


Routine maintenance of the paved road network within Zones is undertaken by RHD Divisions and sub-Divisions using a direct labour force under the supervision of RHD engineers. The budget allocation to each Zone for routine maintenance is intended to cover the cost for roads, bridges/culverts and approaches to ferry ghat.


The RHD Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report includes a prioritised listing of the roads that have been identified as in need of routine maintenance for each Circle/Division within all Zones. For each road the listing will contain:

Road name

Link number

Length and chainage (from/to)

Routine maintenance treatment required

SE-MC will request the ACE for each Zone to submit the prioritised programme for routine maintenance works of each road division against each road within individual divisional jurisdictions within the allocated fund for respective divisions for the routine maintenance works. Each zone will be supplied with the relevant section of the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report.

On the basis of this plan and the updated field condition reports, each division will be required to assess the optimum quantity of repair works to be delivered against major routine maintenance activities within the allocated fund. To obtain timely responses the requests from Maintenance Circle should be processed through the office of the Chief Engineer RHD in the form of an Office Order giving the ACE Zones one month to reply.


Upon receipt of the requested information, EE-RMD should compile a consolidated road wise programme showing major repair activities for routine maintenance for the entire RHD network, broken down into zones, circles and divisions. This programme should be submitted by EE-RMD to CE-RHD through SE-MC and ACE-PMW for approval. Once approved the Annual Routine Maintenance Programme should be forwarded by SE-MC to the ACE for each Zone together with others on the approved circulation list and posted on the RHD web site by MIS Circle.
References :

Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report

Annual Budget Allocation for Routine Maintenance

Circulation list for budget allocation
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003