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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
OP/MC/1.2 - Budget Allocation for Routine and Periodic Maintenance
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for determining budget allocations for routine and periodic maintenance from the approved RHD Revenue Budget Allocation.
Definitions :

RHD Revenue Budget – the revenue funding allocated to RHD by the Ministry of Communications.

Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report – an annual report containing the prioritised listing of routine and periodic maintenance for the RHD road network based on the HDM–4 computer model.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer – Planning & Maintenance Wing (ACE-PMW) – is responsible for submitting the budget proposals for routine and periodic maintenance prepared by Maintenance Circle based on the output of HDM-4.

Superintending Engineer – Maintenance Circle (SE-MC) – responsible for the management of the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report and preparation of budget proposals for routine and periodic maintenance.

Executive Engineer – Periodic Maintenance Division (EE-PMD) – responsible for assisting SE/MC in the preparation of budget proposals for periodic maintenance.

Executive Engineer – Routine Maintenance Division (EE-RMD) – responsible for assisting SE/MC in the preparation of budget proposals for routine maintenance.
Method :


The procedure for identifying the RHD revenue budget requirements for routine and periodic maintenance of the road network is described in OP/MC/1.1. These requirements take the form of a request (or bid) for funding from the Ministry of Finance in competition with other departments/sectors. As a result, it follows that RHD in common with other departments is unlikely to receive the entire funding that it has requested in any particular financial year.

Accordingly, upon notification by MoC of the RHD Revenue Budget Allocation approved by the Ministry of Finance for the financial year, SE/MC will need to re-assess the works that can be undertaken within the allocated budget.

Having regard to the fixed overheads of RHD operations (salaries, buildings, vehicles, etc.) and the paramount importance of routine maintenance of the road network, it follows that any reduction necessary in the RHD requested budget should be concentrated on the proposed periodic maintenance works rather than pro rata on every item in the revenue budget proposals.

The re-allocation of the approved revenue budget between budget heads and Zones will be an iterative process between SE-MC and ACE-PMW until such time as a balance is struck between the equitable distribution of funds between Zones and the national interest in undertaking those projects with the highest economic return (i.e. npv/cost).


Following agreement between SE-MC and ACE-PMW to the allocation of funds for routine and periodic maintenance, the revised budget allocations will require the approval of CE-RHD, MoC, and the Ministry of Finance. Specifically, both MoC and the Finance Ministry require to approve the actual distribution of the total revenue budget against specific coded items under revenue head which includes periodic maintenance works that are to be carried out within the financial year, routine maintenance work, staff salaries, operation and maintenance of inspection vehicles and other machinery, ferry operations etc.

Following approval of the distribution of the revenue budget grant among different aforesaid coded items (heads) by the Ministry of Finance and communicated to RHD through the Ministry of Communication, SE-MC prepares the distribution list of the available fund excluding the fund earmarked for Periodic Maintenance Programme (PMP) among different offices including field divisions under field zones. After approval of CE-RHD, this distribution list is circulated among all concerned for utilisation of the fund according to the approved programmes.
References :

OP/HDM/3.2 – Preparation of Annual Road Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report

Annual Development Programme

RHD Revenue Budget Allocation
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003