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RHD Operational Procedure Planning and Maintenance Wing
HDM - Data Collection Division
OP/HDM/4.1 - Management of RHD Network Surveys
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the annual road data survey procedure for work carried out by RHD field offices or by Consultants. Bridge surveys is to be carried out by the Bridge Wing, see procedure OP/BPD/2.1.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer Planning & Maintenance Wing approves the method the survey should follow (in-house or out sourced).

Superintending Engineer HDM Circle Responsible for instigating the instructions to carry out the annual surveys.

Executive Engineer Data Collection Division Responsible for carrying out the Terms of Reference, Engineers estimate and bidding documents for the surveys to be carried out either by RHD field offices or Consultants. He is responsible for (in case of out sourcing) advertising the tender in the newspapers, for distribution of bidding documents, reporting to the SE the result of the bidding process and for recommendation of the consultants to carry out the work. Contract negotiation and supervision of work.
Method :


The Executive Engineer - Data Collection Division identifies the annual surveys to be carried out.


SE - HDM Circle decides in consultation with ACE - Planning & Maintenance Wing if the work should be done by consultants or by RHD staff.


SE and EE decide the types of survey to be carried out.

EE is responsible for the preparation of bidding documents including an Engineers Estimate.

If the value of the surveys to be carried out is in excess of one crore taka a proposal is made for the approval of MoC.

When approved by MoC the EE invites consulting firms to bid on the surveys.

The Consultants carry out the surveys under supervision of the Data Collection Division.

The Consultants deliver to HDM Circle the results in the format used by RMMS database.

EE-database validates the data received, in case of incorrect data the Consultants are requested to correct the data.


The EE-Data Collection Division instructs the field offices to carry out the required surveys.

Field offices carry out the required surveys and send EE-Database the raw survey sheet after validation of the collected data.

Database Division enters the data into the RMMS database.

Database Division validates the data entered and where discrepancies are found they are either cored based on the received field sheets or the field office is requested to clarify and correct.
References :

RHD Road Condition Survey manual

RHD Classified Traffic Count Survey manual

RHD Pavement Inventory and DCP Survey Manual

RHD Road Roughness Survey manual

RHD Benkelman Beam Survey manual

RHD Axle Load Survey manual

RHD Bridge Condition Survey Manual

RHD New Contract Documents
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003