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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
HDM - Database Division
OP/HDM/2.6 - Publication of RHD Road Network Database Annual Report
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the process for preparation and publication of the RHD Road Network. Annual Database Report by the HDM Circle.

All of the Field Zones and the Planning and Data Circle - Bridge Management Wing are involved in this process. The report provides the basic data for input into the HDM model, which is then used to develop the RHD’s Annual Road Maintenance Plans.
Definitions :

RHD Road Network Database Annual Report - a summarised report containing road and bridge data for all of the zones of the RHD. The report contains data from traffic counts, road condition surveys, bridge condition surveys, road roughness surveys, deflection cone penetration tests and road inventory of all link established roads and bridges.

Road Condition Survey (RCS) - undertaken annually in accordance with the RCS manual to identify the condition of roads in each link in order to evaluate the type of maintenance treatment required.

Bridge Condition Survey (BCS) - undertaken in accordance with the BCS manual to various levels of detail.

Deflection Cone Penetration Tests (DCP) - to determine the strength of the road pavement for evaluating pavement treatment generally carried out every 5 years.

Road Roughness: This is a measurement of riding quality and road surface deterioration and an important factor in determining the vehicle operating cost on poor quality of roads. This survey is done by the AEs of the HDM Circle

Road Inventory: It is a comprehensive physical investigation done in the pavement of the road structure to identify the thickness, types and material characteristics of different pavement layers

Traffic count survey: Information on the volume and type of traffic on the roads for the planning of both road maintenance and improvement policies. This survey will be carried out by the Economics Circle

IWTA : It stands for ‘Inland Water Transport Authority’. It is an agency under the Ministry of shipping responsible for dealing with the matters related to transportation in the waterways.

RNDZR: It stands for Road Network Database Zonal Report published by the HDM Circle every year.

RNDAR: It stands for Road Network Database Annual Report published by the HDM Circle every year.
Responsibility :

ACE-P& M Wing - To accord approval to RNDZR and RNDAR

ACE-field Zone - To issue instructions to all zonal SEs / EEs to carry out surveys as per request of SE-HDM.

ACE-Bridge Management Wing - To issue instructions to SE-Planning & Data Circle to provide Annual Bridge condition Survey Report and related data.

SE-HDM - Request ACE- Field zone, Mechanical wing, Bridge Management Wing and SE’s of P&M Wing to arrange providing necessary report/data on Road Condition Surveys and for river gaps/navigation Clearance from IWTA.

Review and to make recommendation to RHD Road Network Database Zonal Report and RHD Road Network Database Annual Report.

SE-Mechanical Circles - To provide data on ferries and its location and no. of pontoons.

SE-P&P - To provide list of road schemes/projects in the Annual Development Programme and related data.

Chief Transport Economist - To provide traffic count data as requested by SE-HDM.

EE-Data collections - Distribution of survey data forms to all EE’s of field zones and EE of Bridge Inspection and Planning and serve indent for data.

EE-Database - Verification/checking, analysis and processing of field data. Printing and publication of RHD RNDZR and RHD RNDAR.

Provide maps showing the requested events and important features in the Road Net work.

EE-BI & P - Examine data and prepare reports on Bridge Condition Surveys.

EE-Field zone - Examine RCS data and submit report to EE-Database.

Director-IWTA - Supply data on river gaps/navigation clearance in the road alignment .
Method :

(For Road Network Database Zonal Report)


The AE-Data Collection make arrangement for printing and distribution of prescribed RCS forms as per requirements for the divisions of field zones and bridge Wing. The EE-Data Collection sent those forms to all the EEs of the field zones.

The SE-HDM Circle requests all the ACEs of the field zones to arrange for carrying out RCS and traffic counts as instructed in the manuals and sent reports within the targeted time

Allocate budget for surveys by the ACEs of zones

The EEs of field divisions and Planning Division constitute teams and instruct SDE/SAE to conduct condition survey of the roads in every link under their jurisdiction.


(a) The SDE/SAE of the division of the field zones and the wing perform the condition-surveys of the roads respectively by visual inspection at site as per instructions in the manual and guidelines. The survey data are recorded the findings in the form supplied and duly signed and sent to the respective EEs.

(b) Roughness Survey will be carried out by the AE/SDEs of HDM circle

(c) Traffic counts by the Economic Circle.


The data from the surveys as mentioned in para 4.2 will be the EE’s and received by the SE - HDM/EE-data-base. The EE will check, analysis and process the data made available by different groups. He will instruct AE/SDE of his division to make entry and collate the data of each zone. Under the guidance of EE-database the SDE will prepare the draft database report for each field zone, which will be called’ RHD Road Network Database Zonal Report.


The draft road database report of zones will be reviewed by the SE-HDM Circle and forwarded to the ACE-P&M Wing for approval. The ACE will give approval to the report and sent to the EE-database for printing the final zonal database report.


(For Road Network Database Annual report)

(a) The EE-database will obtain data on ferries and pontoons from the SEs of Mechanical Field Circles / Plant-pool divisions.

(b) Data on river gaps in the road alignment to be obtained from Member- Engineering/Director-Administration of IWTA.

(c) The EE-database Division will obtain the list of road schemes/ projects included in the Annual Development Programme from the P & P Circle (EE programming will be the contact officer).


The EE-database will check, analysis and process data as mentioned in para 4.5 together with the data in the report of Road Network Database of each zone. The SDE/AE-database will collate and enter data in the database and prepare a draft report of RHD Road Network Database Annual Report.


The draft RHD Road Network Database Annual Report will be thoroughly examined and reviewed by the SE-HDM Circle and forwarded to the ACE-P&M Wing for approval. After obtaining the approval of the report, the SE will sent the report to EE-database who will finalise the report and make arrangement for printing and publication of the report of that particular year.


The RHD Road Network Database Annual Report including the zonal database report will be distributed by the SE-HDM Circle as per list obtained from the ACE-P&M Wing. In case of distribution of the Annul Database Report to the CE, ACEs and the donor agencies the annual road database of the zones will also be given.
References :

· Road Condition Survey Manual

· Bridge Condition Survey manual

· Traffic counts Manual

· Roughness Manual

· Road Inventory Manual
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003