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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Procurement - Documentation & Procurement Division
OP/PC/3.3 - Procurement of Portable Steel Bridges
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process for the central procurement of portable steel bridges (PSB) required countrywide for use, taking into account current stocks and potential future requirements.
Definitions :

RHD Committee on Purchase (RHDCoP) – a central committee which meets at regular intervals to scrutinise and give recommendations in respect of approval of RHD contracts referred to this committee. The committee is approved by the MoC. The committee is chaired by a senior Additional Chief Engineer (ACE) and the SE-Procurement Circle acts as the Member Secretary. The committee submits its recommendations to the CE, RHD.

Annual Development Programme (ADP) – is the operational document of the GoB’s five year plan and includes Financial Programme of all types of GoB funded and Foreign Aided Projects which are ongoing and newly included. The ADP consists of the main investment programme, technical assistance programme and self-financed programme, which are sub-divided into the different government sectors. The ADP is published in June and is available to the public.

Project Concept Paper (PCP) – is an approved proforma, which contains salient information, including a tentative cost break-down proposal for an investment project in a concise form that is submitted to the Ministry of Communications in order that the project can be considered for inclusion in the ADP. A PCP is required irrespective of the size of expenditure.

Project Proforma (PP) - following approval of the PCP, the PP is prepared within a specific period of time. The PP is a more detailed version of the PCP, also prepared in an approved prescribed format.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - Procurement Circle (SE/PC) - has overall responsibility for ensuring that the Procurement process is conducted efficiently and that the Committee on Purchase are kept informed. He is the Member Secretary of the CoP.

Executive Engineer- Documents & Procurement Division (EE/DPD)- is responsible for the preparation of the relevant documents and also for execution of the works.
Method :


A census is carried out annually of existing stocks of portable bridges by the Bridge Circle taking into account their condition, current location and whether still in use. EE/DPD should determine the requirements from each Division and consolidate these to prepare a schedule of new bridge requirements, including specification, quantities, estimate of costs, and Project Proforma.


As per provision in the approved PP, the EE/DPD prepares the tender documents, tender notice and list of pre-qualified suppliers (if applicable) for the approval of SE/PC, and in due course the calling for tenders by SE/PC. The Tender Notice is uploaded on to the Tender Notice database and the RHD web site.


Upon receipt of tenders, a tender evaluation report is prepared by EE/CED and submitted to the RHDCoP for approval through CE/RHD. The normal procedures are followed for contract evaluation as given in OP/PC/2.2. After selection of contractor/supplier, the supply is taken through EE Procurement Storage Division and the materials are kept stored under his store for subsequent distribution among the requiring field divisions as per prior approval of the CE/RHD.
References :

OP/PPC/2.2 Preparation of Project Concept Paper (PCP)

OP/PPC/3.1 Preparation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP)

OP/PC/2.1 Pre-qualification of Contractors for GoB Funded Projects

OP/PC/2.2 Preparation of Tender Documents for GoB Funded Projects

OP/PC/2.3 Evaluation of Tenders

OP/PC/2.5 Maintenance of Tender Notice Database
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003