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RHD Operational Procedure Planning and Maintenance Wing
Procurement - Documentation & Procurement Division
OP/PC/3.2 - Registration of G1, G2, G3 and S1, S2, S3 Contractors
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process for dealing with new applications from contractors who desire to be registered in either of the categories G1, G2, G3, S1, S2, or S3 under the Joint Registration System in place both in RHD and LGED.
Definitions :

Joint Registration - The Joint Registration, also known as the Unified Registration, was introduced and notified for information of all through a circular issued by the National committee for Joint Registration on September 9, 2001.

In order to fulfil the Legal Covenants of the Loan agreement of IDA funded Second Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project with a view to improve the local construction industry, the formal approval for introduction of the Joint Registration system was given by the Ministry of Communication in January 19, 2001 with subsequent amendments issued on September 4, 2001.

The registration system covers enlistment and other relevant issues of contractors of both RHD and LGED. The Ministry of Communications will act as the Lead Ministry in respect of disposal of administrative issues and the responsibility of the related secretarial functions was entrusted with the Planning and Maintenance Wing of RHD.

National Committee - The National Committee for Joint Registration was formed with members from both RHD and LGED. The Additional Chief Engineer, Planning and Maintenance, RHD and the Additional Chief Engineer, LGED Headquarters will act as Co-Chairman and preside over the meetings alternatively. The Superintending Engineer, Procurement circle, RHD acts as the member-secretary of the committee. This committee deals with the registration of contractors of G1, G2, G3, S1, S2 and S3 categories.

Zonal Committees - There are seven Zonal Committees with members from both RHD and LGED. The respective ACE, Zone of RHD is the chairman and the SE of LGED posted in the zonal head quarter acts as the member-secretary. The zonal committee deals with the registration of contractors of G4, G5, S4, and S5 categories.

New Applications - Contractors who have not been previously registered and contractors who desire to be updated from a lower category to a higher category need to apply in the prescribed Application Form which contains the uniform criteria for enlistment under different categories of the Joint Registration System.

Registration Database - a database of all registered contractors is maintained by the Procurement Circle.

Renewals -. The licenses of all the registered contractors both new and the previous (fitted-in to the respective departments) will need to be annually renewed as per existing procedure.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - Procurement Circle - has overall responsibility for ensuring that the registration process is conducted efficiently and that the National Committee is kept informed of all new applications.

Executive Engineer- Documentation & Procurement Division - is responsible for maintaining updated records of contractors in accordance with the department's latest guidelines.
Method :


New applications to be dealt with in the National Committee are received by the Superintending Engineer - Procurement Circle. Intending contractors both for the new enlistment and for the promotion to the next higher category are required to use the approved application forms for Joint Registration.


A working paper consisting of a consolidated list of applicants along with the submitted documents is prepared by the Executive Engineer Documentation & Procurement Division for scrutiny by the five members sub-committee comprising of members from both RHD and LGED. The scrutiny committee examines the documents and submits the scrutiny report in prescribed format to the National Committee for approval twice during a calendar year. The scrutiny report of the applications received up to October will be submitted to the National Committee by the first week of December and for those received within April next, the scrutiny report will be submitted by the first week of June.


The National Committee will give fresh enlistment/promotion only twice in a calendar year, in January and in July. Accordingly the selected contractors for both new enlistment/promotion will be duly notified to submit required registration fees as applicable for different categories as per latest circular to the Executive Engineer, Documentation & Procurement Division.


Once payment of the requisite fee has been made then the Executive Engineer Documentation & Procurement Division will transfer the contractor's details, including the allocated category, on to the Registration Database.

The database also includes details of annual renewals and approvals from the seven Zonal Committees.
References :

Unified Criteria for Enlistment of Contractors, Committee for Uniform Registration of Contractors, December 1999

Application Form for Joint Registration of Contractors

National Committee's Circulars of memo numbers: 251 of 10/9/01 and 45 of 20/2/02.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003