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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Procurement - Contract Evaluation Division
OP/PC/2.4 - Appointment of Consultants for GoB Funded Projects
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for selecting and appointing consultants for a GoB funded project where the consultancy fees will not exceed Tk 1 crore. For larger consultancy contracts the same procedure will apply except that the approval from the Ministry of Communication will be needed.
Definitions :

RHD Committee of Purchase (RHDCOP) – a standing committee in RHD to advise the CE, RHD in matters of disposal of RHD contracts prior to the stage of award of contract. The committee is approved by the MoC.

Consultants – is deemed to include any private sector firm registered in Bangladesh that provides consultancy services in any discipline including surveys, design and supervision of works.

Terms of Reference (TOR) – means the objectives, scope, tasks to be performed, responsibilities of the Client and Consultant, expected results and deliverables of a consultancy assignment.

Technical Proposal – means the technical approach and methodology to meet the TOR proposed by a consultant including a programme for the services to be provided, the staff proposed and man-month input.

Financial Proposal – means the fees and reimbursable expenses proposed by a consultant for providing a consultancy service.

Quality/Cost Assessment – means the evaluation of both technical and financial proposals from consultants by means of weighted scores to determine the consultant offering the highest combined score.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer, Wing/Zone (ACE-W/Z) – may opt for outsourcing services like surveying, designing, preparing study reports etc. if they are convinced that these services are not possible to be obtained in-house within their respective wing or zone. In such cases, the concerned ACE will be responsible to submit a comprehensive proposal of appointment of consultants for the particular services for approval by the CE, RHD.

Superintending Engineer, Procurement Circle (SE-PC) – has overall responsibilities for circulating approved standard RHD documents and guidelines to ensure that the selection of consultants is carried out correctly by the concerned procuring entity. He is also responsible for negotiations with the selected consultants through RHD CoP.
Method :


The selection of consultants can be made in a number of ways depending on the type of consultancy service required. The following are some conventional methods for selection of consultants:

i) the lowest fee offered by a consultant from a shortlist of consultants invited to submit financial proposals alone who are known to be competent and reliable for undertaking the services required. This method is normally adopted where the services are straightforward (e.g. topographical surveys) and the fees are comparatively low

ii) the lowest fee offered by a consultant from a shortlist of consultants invited to submit both technical and financial proposals. This is known as a ‘two envelope system’, with the financial proposals from all of the consultants remaining sealed until after an evaluation of their technical proposals is carried out. Only those consultants whose technical proposals are deemed technically acceptable (normally on the basis of gaining sufficient marks in a pre-determined marking system) have their financial proposals opened.

iii) a Quality / Cost basis which is the same as (ii) above except that all of the consultants that have their financial proposals opened are ranked according to a formula which takes account of the quality of their technical proposal (i.e. the marks scored) and the cost of their proposed services. Under this system the consultant ranked highest (who will not necessarily have the lowest cost) is appointed.

This Operational Procedure covers the general process to be adopted in the recruitment of consultants based on the selection criteria approved by CE, RHD for particular consulting services.


Individual Circles within RHD, say under Technical Services or Bridge Wings, may be called upon to undertake services for which they have inadequate resources or technical capability. Under these circumstances they may go for initiating the process of outsourcing the services.

For example, any request from the field zone for road design assistance must be made to the Additional Chief Engineer, Technical Services Wing. If the Road Design and Safety Circle does not have the resources they will assist the requesting zone by procuring consultants to undertake this work. But the request for the recruitment of consultants must be made by the Additional Chief Engineer Technical Services through a comprehensive proposal to CE, RHD and it should be supported by adequate budget provision in the Project Proforma of the Concerned project.

Upon approval to the proposal for recruitment of consultants, CE, RHD will appoint a Technical Committee to oversee their recruitment chaired by the ACE of the relevant wing providing the service.


At this time there are only a limited number of local consultants in Bangladesh capable of providing consultancy services to the standard required by RHD. Under these circumstances it is appropriate that all local consultants having the capability to provide the required services are invited to submit technical and financial proposals.

It will be the responsibility of SE of the concerned circle providing the service to prepare a draft of the detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) and Request for Proposals (RFP) for the consultancy services in consultation with the requesting zone and in accordance with the selection criteria approved by the CE, RHD.

Subject to approval by the Technical Committee and CE/RHD and any amendments they might require, SE will issue the RFP and TOR to all qualified local consultants allowing them not less than 6 weeks to submit their Technical & Financial Proposals.


During the course of preparation of their proposals one or more of the consultants may require clarification of the TOR. Should SE provide such clarification then both the question and the reply must be made known to all of the consultants by fax or e-mail at the earliest opportunity without disclosing the source of the question.

The RFP should require all Financial Proposals to be submitted in separate sealed envelopes with the name of the consultant on the outside. Upon receipt by SE, these sealed envelopes must be immediately given to his ACE for safekeeping until their opening is authorized by CE/RHD.

In the RFP, consultants will have been given the date, time, place of submission and receiving officer for their proposals. Compliance with this must be strictly observed and late proposals cannot be accepted. Unless otherwise dictated SE will be the receiving officer for proposals.


The evaluation committee formed by the concerned ACE and approved by the CE, RHD will undertake an evaluation of the Technical Proposals according to a marking system approved by CE/RHD, to arrive at a ranking for the consultants. There is no requirement that all the consultants should have a separate ranking and two or more of the consultants can achieve equal marks. Upon completing the technical evaluation by the committee, SE will submit this for approval of CE, RHD.

Where a consultant’s Technical Proposal has failed to meet the minimum qualifying mark for proposals (as laid down in the criteria by CE, RHD) then this will be notified to the consultant and their unopened Financial Proposal returned to them.


Upon approval to the technical evaluation SE will arrange for the opening of the Financial Proposals from the qualifying consultants in the presence of those consultants following the usual procedure for opening tenders.

SE will then undertake an evaluation of these proposals according to the criteria laid down by CE, RHD to identify the recommended consultant either on the basis of the lowest cost or the highest quality/cost basis.

Both the Opening Report and the Evaluation report will be submitted to CE, RHD for approval. CE, RHD will refer the matter to SE, PC for recommendation of the RHDCOP on the basis of which CE, RHD will make a final decision.


Following final approval of the CE/ RHD, RHDCOP will undertake contract negotiations with the recommended consultants and prepare the draft Form of Contract for their appointment.

Following completion of the draft Contract SE/PC will submit this to CE/RHD for approval and following this the concerned ACE will appoint the consultant.
References :

OP/PC/2.2 Preparation of Tender Documents for GoB Funded Projects

CPTU – Standard Request for Proposals for Selection of Consultants (draft) (23 April 2003)
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003