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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Planning and Programming - Planning Division
OP/PPC/2.3 - Preparation of Technical Assistance Project Proforma (TAPP)
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process for preparing the Technical Assistance Project Proforma (TAPP) for any technical study/reform programmes to be conducted through Foreign Assistance.
Definitions :

Technical Assistance Project Proforma (TAPP) - is a proposal in a concise form, that is submitted to MoC in order that the project can be approved for inclusion in the Annual Development Programme (ADP). A TAPP is required for any Feasibility Study/technical study/reform programmes to be conducted through Foreign Assistance. It should include a brief description of the project, scope of work, scope of consulting services, TOR, total cost of consulting services, etc, in the prescribed format of TAPP.

Documents of Technical Assistance - generally indicates the necessity of conducting the study/reform activities mentioned with cost breakdown by the donor agencies. These documents are generally in the form of Aide Memoire, Project Appraisal Report, and Project Memorandum etc, of donor agencies.
Responsibility :

Executive Engineer - Planning Divisions (EE-PD) – is responsible for collecting all required data and organising and preparing the TAPP.
Superintending Engineer - Planning & Programming Circle (SE-PPC) - is responsible for reviewing the TAPP and making recommendation for approval of the TAPP to the Additional Chief Engineer-Planning & Maintenance Wing.
Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing (ACE-PMW) - gives the final clearance from the Wing’s point of view and submits the final version of the TAPP to the Chief Engineer for his approval and signature along with other signatories responsible for preparation of the PCP.
Additional Chief Engineers - Bridge Management Wing/Other HQ Wings - are responsible for ensuring that his subordinate officers submit the required information/draft TAPP to the SE-Planning & Programming Circle precisely and in time.
Project Directors (PD) of Foreign Aided Projects - are required to supply required draft TAPP to SE-PPC to process for approval.
Method :


The Superintending Engineer-Planning & Programming Circle receives the data related to the project in the TAPP format from a number of sources:

· The main source of information is generally from the Project Directors of Foreign Aided Road Projects who prepares the draft TAPP with the help of Consultants on the basis of Preliminary Technical assistance documents.

· For bridge projects, the Additional CE-Bridge Management Wing with the assistance of his SE-Planning & Data Circle prepares the draft TAPP on the basis of Project Memorandum etc.

The Executive Engineer-Planning Divisions scrutinises the draft TAPP and may request further information, or clarification of the data. He also ensures that the TAPP is in the prescribed format of the Planning Commission.


The Executive Engineer-Planning Divisions submits the draft TAPP to the Superintending Engineer-Planning & Programming Circle, who reviews the submission. He may ask for additional information or clarification.

When the SE-PPC is satisfied, that the TAPP is accurate and contains all of the necessary information, it is reviewed by the Additional Chief Engineer-Planning & Maintenance Wing and submitted to the Chief Engineer as a final version for his signature.


When the Chief Engineer has signed the TAPP along with other signatories concerned with the preparation of the TAPP, it is submitted to the Ministry of Communications by the Superintending Engineer-Planning & Programming Circle on behalf of the CE-RHD for onward submission to the Planning Commission for final approval.
References :

Planning Commission Guidelines published by Planning Commission

5 year Development Plan published by Planning Commission

OP/PPC/2.2 Preparation of Project Concept Paper (PCP)
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003