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RHD Operational Procedure – Planning and Maintenance Wing
Monitoring - Monitoring Division
OP/MON/2.1 - Preparation of Monthly RHD Progress Report
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process for preparing the monthly report on progress for all physical works being undertaken by the Roads and Highways Department.
Definitions :

RHD Monthly Progress Report - provides a summary of all of the individual reports of projects included in ADP including those committed by the Prime Minister, received from the Field Offices, Headquarter Wings/Zones and Foreign Aided Projects. The report is prepared to a standard format and contains information on both financial and physical progress.

Project Monitoring System (PMS) – The Project Monitoring System is a database in the RHD MIS system where various progress related data of RHD projects (ADP, Revenue, Foreign-aided) are stored and operated mainly for monitoring physical and financial progress of projects as well as for planning of projects and preparing RHD Annual Report.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing - approves the final draft of the report prepared by the Monitoring Circle.

Superintending Engineer - Monitoring Circle - receives the individual reports from the Superintending Engineers and Project Directors and acts as a co-ordinator in preparing the final report. He reviews and recommends the draft report for approval by the Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing.

Executive Engineer - Monitoring Division - reviews the individual reports and compiles the RHD Progress Report.

Superintending Engineers - Field Circles and Project Directors - Foreign Aided Projects - provide the detailed information for their projects in a standard format.
Method :


Progress reports are submitted to the Superintending Engineer - Monitoring Circle, between the 8th and 10th day of each month. The reports are prepared in a standard format (in Bengali) as defined by the Planning & Maintenance Wing and contain physical and financial information on the projects.


The individual reports are received by the Superintending Engineer - Monitoring Circle, and reviewed by the Executive Engineer - Monitoring Division. Following detailed checking by the Monitoring Division, a summary of the reports is produced in the form of the draft RHD Progress Report. The checked and final data at this stage will be stored in the Computerised Project Monitoring System (CPMS) by AE/SAE.


The Superintending Engineer - Monitoring Circle reviews the draft RHD Progress Report with the Executive Engineer - Monitoring Division, and then recommends the report to the Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing.

Following approval by the Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing, the RHD Progress Report is returned to the Superintending Engineer - Monitoring Circle. Copies of the final RHD Progress Report are then distributed as per circulation list, including the Chief Engineer, Additional Chief Engineers and Project Directors. The report is required to be distributed within the specific date of each month.

The report is then discussed at the Ministry of Communications’ monthly review meeting, arranged on a specific date of each month.
References :

RHD Monthly Report – standard format - maintained by the Monitoring Circle.

Circulation List - maintained by the Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing

OP/ZF/2.2 – Preparation of Progress Report
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003