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RHD Operational Procedure Ė Planning and Maintenance Wing
Planning and Programming - Programming Division
OP/PPC/3.2 - Budget Process for the ADP
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the steps to be followed for processing the budget and releasing funds for Roads and Highway Department projects listed in the ADP, in order to incur the expenditure in a particular fiscal year.

This procedure will be applicable for all development schemes of the RHD both for local and foreign aided projects.
Definitions :

Annual Development Programme (ADP) - is the operational document of the GoBís 5-Year Plan and includes all types of GoB funded and Foreign Aided Projects, which are ongoing and newly included. The ADP consists of the main investment programme, technical assistance programme and self-financed programme, which are sub-divided into the different government sectors. The ADP is published in June and is available to the public.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer, Planning & Maintenance Wing (ACE-PMW) - reviews the ADP allocations when they are first received, and examines the consolidated proposals for release of funds from the Wings, Zones and Projects.

Superintending Engineer, Planning & Programming Circle (SE-PPC) - reviews the ADP allocations when they are first received and sends the final request for release of funds to the MoC. He also manages the process within the Planning & Programming Circle.

Executive Engineer, Planning Division (EE-PD) - is responsible for sending the notification of ADP allocations to the Wings, Zones and Projects and resolving any matters that require further clarification.
Method :


The budget process starts when the ADP, which shows the allocation for different schemes under the development budget, is published by the Ministry of Planning (MoP). When the ADP is received by the MoC, the RHD portion is sent to the CE-RHD for follow-up actions.

The CE sends the ADP to ACE-PMW and SE-PPC for onward transmission of the information regarding project wise allocations to the respective HQ Wings and Zones, Field Zones and Project

Directors of foreign aided projects. The respective ACEs and PDs will then further distribute the information to their SEs and EEs with the instruction to prepare an annual physical programme with item wise cost breakdown within the allocated fund for each project/scheme included in the ADP.


Based on the annual physical programme along with cost breakdown of the allocated fund for each project, the SEs and EEs of the Wings, Zones and Projects then prepare their proposals for the release of funds on a quarterly basis for individual projects. The proposals showing the apportionment of expenditure in a prescribed format are submitted to the CE, RHD through respective ACEs and PDs.


The CE will instruct the RHD Budget Committee chaired by the ACE-PMW to examine the draft proposals. If there are any further queries, then the EE-PD will contact the officers in the Wings, Zones and Projects for clarification. When the Budget Committee/ACE-PMW agree that the proposals are justified, the consolidated statement for release of funds in prescribed forms is sent to the MoC by the SE-PPC in order to obtain the release of funds for individual projects of the ADP.

The MoC is authorised to release the funds for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters but not for the 4th quarter. After reviewing the proposals for the release of funds MoC provides approval for release of fund for the 1st quarter and subsequently for the 2nd and 3rd quarters after reviewing the progress of work.

For the last quarter the MoC will write to the Planning Commission (PC) for the release of funds for unapproved projects/schemes and to the MoF directly for approved projects. After obtaining the approval for the last quarter from the MoC/MoF, the MoC will communicate the approval for the release of funds to the CE-RHD.
References :

Annual Development Programme published by the Planning Commission (Programming Division).

Planning Commission Guidelines published by the Planning Commission.

OP/PPC/3.1 Preparation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP)

Government of Bangladesh directives on release of funds for development projects.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003