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RHD Operational Procedure – Zonal Operation Wing
Zonal Operations
OP/ZF/2.3 - Quality Control on site
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure outlines the process to be adopted to achieve quality control for materials and workmanship involved in road construction and maintenance such that they comply with RHD design standards and specifications.
Definitions :

Design Standards and Specifications - are deemed to include all design standards, manuals and specifications that have been approved for use in Bangladesh by the Chief Engineer, RHD in relation to road design and construction.

Standard Test Procedures - are the test procedures contained in the Standard Test Procedures Manual (May 2001) authorised by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Superintending Officer - is the Additional Chief Engineer or Superintending Engineer named in the Contract Data for an RHD road or bridge project.

"Engineer" - is the Superintending Engineer or Executive Engineer named in the Contract Data for an RHD road or bridge project.
Responsibility :

Executive Engineer - Quality Control Division (EE-QCD) - is responsible for carrying out quality audits for both zonal and project laboratories, and for on-going RHD maintenance and construction works.

The Engineer’s Representative (ER) - is the designated representative on site for the Engineer named in the Contract Data and is responsible for compliance by a contractor with the RHD design standards and specifications.
Method :


Under the New Contract Procedures quality control for RHD road construction and maintenance contracts will be maintained via project site laboratories provided by contractors (for larger contracts), and via the BRRL Zonal laboratories (for smaller contracts).

Whilst the responsibility for compliance by contractors with RHD design standards and specifications will be with the Engineer’s Representative for each contract, to a large extent this will be dependent on the results, and hence quality control, of the tests carried out on the contractor’s materials and workmanship by the Project and Zonal laboratories.

The calibration of testing equipment in zonal and project laboratories is covered by Operational Procedure OP/BRL/4.3 and the audit of testing undertaken by these laboratories by Operational Procedure OP/BRL/4.1. In addition to this compliance monitoring of RHD maintenance and construction by BRRL is covered by Operational Procedure OP/BRL/4.2.

These Operational Procedures, together with this Procedure, provide the framework to provide total quality control on site.


Prior to the commencement of every Project the ER should familiarise himself with the particular design standards and material specifications for that Project contained in the Contract Documents, including any requirements for testing facilities/equipment/staffing to be provided by the contractor.

The ER should then prepare a schedule of acceptance criteria and tolerances for all tests to be undertaken as part of the contract e.g. compaction of sub-grade layer to be 98% of MDD at optimum moisture content ± 2%.


For all contracts the contractor is required to provide testing facilities and equipment. The scale of provision will be detailed in the Particular Specification within the Contract Documents and allowed for in the Bill of Quantities. The suggested minimum requirements for different types and sizes of contracts are included in Volume 1 of the RHD Standard Tender Documents.

At the commencement of the Works the ER should check that the contractor has complied with the requirements of the Contract Documents in terms of providing the Project laboratory (if appropriate), the testing equipment and personnel. Thereafter the ER should request the relevant Zonal laboratory to confirm that the equipment provided is fit for the purpose (e.g. correctly calibrated) and to thereafter undertake random audits on the tests carried out by the contractor during the contract.


The type and frequency of tests to be carried out during construction will be a matter for the Engineer to decide depending on the type of construction and the testing facilities/equipment called for under the contract. A suggested schedule of tests and their required frequency is attached to this Procedure.

It will be the responsibility of the ER to notify the contractor of the required tests and their frequency at the commencement of the works.


The ER should ensure that the required tests are undertaken by the contractor at the appropriate times throughout the contract. These tests must be supervised by the ER’s staff and audited by the relevant BRRL Zonal laboratory. Where possible samples of materials tested in the Project laboratories should be sent to the BRRL Zonal laboratories for cross-checking.

Where the quality of the testing procedures and/or the materials being tested for a particular layer in the road construction are shown not comply with the requirements of the Contract, the ER should immediately instruct the contractor to undertake further tests and/or replace the defective materials at his own cost before being allowed to continue to the next layer of construction.


As an on-going exercise the ER should require the project site laboratory to maintain a register of the tests undertaken, the results of those tests and the corresponding requirements of the Contract Documents. The ER or his representative overseeing these tests should sign each test report to confirm that it was correctly carried out and the results accurately recorded.

At the end of every month the ER should submit the Register of tests for that month to the Zonal laboratory who in turn will forward it, together with similar registers for other Projects within the Zone, to BRRL Dhaka. Upon receipt of these registers BRRL Dhaka will undertake compliance monitoring for each contract in accordance with OP/BRL/4.2.
References :

· OP/BRL/3.1 – Material Testing

· OP/BRL/3.2 – Audit of Material Testing

· OP/BRL/4.1 – Audit of Zonal and Project Laboratories

· OP/BRL/4.2 – Compliance Monitoring of RHD Maintenance and Construction

· OP/BRL/ 4.3 – Management and Calibration of Equipment
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003