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RHD Operational Procedure Zonal Operation Wing
Zonal Operations
OP/ZF/2.4 - Monitoring and Reporting Construction and Maintenance against Programme and Budget on Site
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of monitoring of contracts (Annual Development Programme and Periodic Maintenance Programme works) and routine maintenance work on site, and how this is reported to the Field Division Office and submitted to the RHD Head Office for monitoring and evaluation of development and maintenance works.

This will enable the cost and physical progress of work completed to be compared to the planned cost for the works and planned physical as set out in the works programme.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

The SDE-Field is responsible for monitoring of contracts and routine maintenance works to programme and budget, recording this daily, collating weekly and reporting this monthly to his EE-Field.

The EE-Field is responsible for production and submission of monitoring reports.
Method :

Three separate monitoring requirements are described here:

Monitoring of financial expenditure and physical progress for construction contracts.

Monitoring of financial expenditure and physical progress for routine maintenance.

Completed works monitoring for the Annual Development Programme.

These are described in the respective sections below.


Preparation of Programme for ADP/PMP

Stages in programme preparation (in other procedures) are summarised as follows:

Budget allocation allows preparation of ADP programme for construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, which is passed to the Field Zones to prepare Annual Works Programmes for these (See OP/ZF/1.4).

This work programme needs to detail what work is to be carried out in each Sub-Division and include allocation of budget to particular work activities and plan how these are to occur in the different months of the budget year.

Approval of works programme for ADP (Planning & Programming Circle), Maintenance (Maintenance Circle, Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle).

Contractor Programme (Clause 29 of RHD Conditions of Contract) received, reviewed and approved.

Final Programme of Planned Work is combined programme of all contractors.

Weekly Programme at Sub-Divisional Level (repeated each week)

Programme of Planned Contractor work received before start of each week by the SDE.

Monitoring Contractor's progress through the week and fill in Notebook (daily diary) each day - see OP/ZF/3.12.

At end of week fill in weekly programme (by commenting on Contractor's programme) of work undertaken and work completed in the week.

Compare against Contract Programme (Clause 29 Programme) to determine if Contract is ahead or behind planned progress.

Communicate this to the Contractor and EE.

Receive programme for Contractor for the following week.

Monthly Programme from SDE to EE

Each month SDE prepares monthly programme setting out the physical progress achieved during the month. Physical progress measured against Bill of Quantities in the Contract for different work items, measured as a pro-rata value of the work done compared to the work done (% BOQ item complete) multiplied by length of works for this item in the contract): -

Earthworks progress (km) - pro-rata on length of road

Pavement/overlay progress (km) - pro-rata on length of road

Foundations progress (m) - pro-rata on length of foundations in contract

Bridge/structure progress (m) - pro-rata on length of each type of structure

EE receives monthly programme from each sub-division, reviews, takes action as required, and maintains records.


This follows the same stages of weekly programme monitoring and monthly programme and budget reporting as above. However, the programme, which is used as a basis, is not a Contractor's programme but the Annual Works Programme prepared by the Division based on the budget allocation for routine maintenance.

Monitoring the routine maintenance of roads and bridges is carried out in the same way, but reported in separate reports. This is important as the overall monitoring of roads and bridges is with the Maintenance Circle and Bridge Construction & Maintenance Circle respectively in Head Office.


The monitoring of completed works is a new initiative (2003) introduced under MoC instruction to allow the actual progress of completed work on the ADP to be monitored by RHD more effectively each year.

This requires each EE to complete a short bar-chart each month to record the physical progress on ADP contracts each month. These are sent via the ACE-Zone to the Monitoring Circle each month.
References :

OP/BCM/2.1 - Procurement & Management of Bridge Construction & Rehabilitation

OP/ZF/1.4 - Preparation of Annual Work Programme

OP/ZF/3.12 - Notebook (Daily Diary)
Procedure Flowchart :





For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003