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RHD Operational Procedure Zonal Operation Wing
Zonal Operations
OP/ZF/1.1 - Annual Budget Request and Surveys
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the assistance to be provided by the Zones to HDM Circle in the preparation of the annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report, and to Maintenance Circle in the preparation of the annual RHD budget request for routine and periodic maintenance.
Definitions :

Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report - an annual report containing the prioritised listing of routine and periodic maintenance for the RHD road network based on the HDM-4 computer model.

RHD Revenue Budget - the revenue funding allocated to RHD by the Ministry of Finance.

Annual Development Programme (ADP) - is the operational document of the GoB's 5-year plan and includes all types of GpB funded and foreign aided projects that are ongoing or newly included. The ADP consists of the annual investment programme, which is sub-divided into the different Government sectors. The ADP is published in June and is available to the public.

Validation of survey - confirmation the survey results are sensible and realistic, and that they can be deemed sufficiently accurate to be relied upon.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Planning & Maintenance Wing (ACE-PMW) - reviews the budget proposals for routine and periodic maintenance prepared by Maintenance Circle based on the output of HDM-4 and recommends it for approval by the CE, RHD.

Superintending Engineer - Maintenance Circle (SE-MC) - prepares the budget proposals for routine and periodic maintenance mainly based on HDM Circle's Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report.

Superintending Engineer - HDM Circle (SE-HDM) - responsible for the preparation of the Annual RHD Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs Report based on the HDM-4 computer model.

EE-Database - sends out current forms of RCS and other surveys each year.

EE-GIS - receives RCS forms and enters in to database.

EE-BIPD - sends out BCS forms (and any other bridge surveys required) each year, receives them and enters into database.

Additional Chief Engineers - Zones (ACE-Z) - responsible for advising SE-MC of required improvements to the road network that should be considered for inclusion under the revenue budget for routine and periodic maintenance.

Executive Engineers - Divisions (EE-D) - responsible for arranging road condition and traffic surveys by the Divisions (and the sub-Divisions) when requested by SE-HDM and SE-MC.

SDE - is responsible for surveys in his sub-division and for training of survey teams. He will carry out BCS2 & BCS3 surveys and some other surveys.

SAE-W/A - carryout RCS, BCSI and other surveys.
Method :


Every year SE-MC is responsible for preparing the budget requirement of RHD for the next financial year for routine and periodic maintenance. This is primarily based on the annual Road Network Maintenance & Rehabilitation Needs report prepared by HDM Circle, which in turn is based on surveys of the RHD road Network undertaken partly by consultants and partly by RHD staff in the Divisions and sub-Divisions.

In addition to this SE-MC will need to be advised by the Zones of their budget requirements for routine and periodic maintenance of bridges and culverts, and minor improvements to the road network for safety reasons that should be considered as part of this Report.


The following surveys, and responsibility for undertaking them, are required on the RHD road network on an annual basis:

Bridge Condition Surveys - Divisions and sub-Divisions

Road Condition Surveys - Divisions and sub-Divisions

Classified Traffic Counts - Divisions and sub-Divisions

Pavement Inventory & DCP - Consultants

Road Roughness Index - HDM Circle

The particular requirements of the surveys, the designation of staff responsible for carrying them out, and manner in which they are to be conducted are contained in the relevant RHD manuals.

Where the surveys are to be carried out by the Divisions and sub-Divisions, the relevant EE/D for the Division will liaise with his SDEs to co-ordinate the surveys to be undertaken, and to ensure that the staff to be engaged on them have had adequate training/experience and that they have the necessary resources to undertake them (e.g. forms, tools, vehicles, etc.).

EE-D will formally advise the SDE that the survey information collected will be validated by HDM Circle against previous data collected for the concerned road or bridge, as well as corresponding roads/bridges within their Zone and/or other Zones. Where gross errors are found in particular surveys they will be required to be redone and disciplinary action may be taken against those involved.

Surveys will be undertaken upon receipt of a formal request for them by SE-HDM or SE-MC, and are to be completed and submitted within the required timescale of the request. The EE-D will be responsible for compliance with this, and for ensuring that all survey data forms are properly completed, signed, collated and submitted for his Division.

In addition he will be responsible for an initial validation of the survey results to be submitted, and where major discrepancies are found he will instruct the relevant survey teams to undertake the surveys again without delay and record this fact in their annual confidential reports.

EE-D will ensure that a copy of the complete set of raw survey sheets, and where appropriate summary forms, of the surveys are retained by the Division and archived for future reference.


The EE-D confirms whether the survey teams consisting of SDE/SAE-W/A are sufficiently trained in survey before they go to site. If he finds that they are not trained, he and SDE conduct training of the teams first and then they go for surveys. Training may be required to be organised by the RHD Training Centre.

Once the survey teams are trained, they carry out surveys in sub-division. The SAE carries out BCSI and RCS surveys with his team and the SDE carries out BCS2 and BCS2 surveys with his teams. Other surveys are carried out as appropriate. The EE-D receives the reports of bridge and road surveys from sub-divisions, checks and verifies them and then sends them to EE-BIPD and EE Database respectively.


In February each year the ACE for each Zone will formally notify SE-MC of the committed development and foreign-aided projects to be undertaken within his Zone during the next financial year - in particular any changes in the scope or timing of those projects or new projects not included in the current ADP.


In addition to the submission of road and bridge survey results by the Divisions, which will form the basis of the budget request by RHD to MoC for routine and periodic maintenance, the ACE for each Zone should submit a request to SE/MC for additional revenue funding requirements for each Division within the Zone for the next financial year. This additional funding is to cover the overheads and operational costs of the Zones as well as minor works that should be included under the revenue budget for routine and periodic maintenance and the request for this funding should be made to SE/MC by the ACE/Z no later than 1st April each year.
References :

RHD Road Condition Survey Manual (Nov 2001)

RHD Classified Traffic Counts Manual (Oct 2001)

RHD Bridge Condition Survey Manual (Nov 2001)

RHD Pavement Inventory & DCP Survey Manual (Oct 2001)

RHD Road Roughness Survey Manual (Oct 2001)

Benkelman Beam (deflection) Survey Manual to follow/Axle Survey Manual to follow

OP/MC/1.1 Bridge Request for Routine and Periodic Maintenance
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003