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RHD Operational Procedure Zonal Operation Wing
Zonal Operations
OP/ZF/1.2 - Preparation of Draft PCP
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of providing information and data from the Field Circles as required by Superintending Engineer-Planning & Programming Circle for the preparation of Project Concept Papers (PCP). PCP is required for approval to include any project in the Annual Development Programme (ADP).
Definitions :

Project Concept Paper (PCP) - is a proposal in a concise form in a prescribed proforma that is submitted to MoC in order that the project can be approved for inclusion in the Annual Development programme (ADP). A PCP is required for any investment and this includes civil works, consulting services, equipment purchase, acquisition of land, manpower etc. It includes the total estimated cost and a detailed description of the project.
Responsibility :

Executive Engineer - Planning Division - (EE-PD) - is responsible for the preparation of Project Concept Papers on the basis of data provided by the zones and others within RHD.

Superintending Engineer - Planning & Programming Circle (SE-PPC) - is responsible for reviewing PCPs prepared by EE-PD and making recommendations to ACE-Planning & Maintenance Wing.

Additional Chief Engineer - Zone (ACE-Zone) - is responsible for ensuring that the Field Officers provide the required information requested by (SE-PPC).

Superintending Engineer - Field Circle (SE-Field) - is responsible for responding to requests from SE-PPC and for checking information provided by the Executive Engineers in the Field Divisions.

Executive Engineer - Field Division (EE-Field) - is responsible for providing information requested by SE-PPC in the required format for the preparation of a PCP.
Method :


The preparation of a PCP is undertaken by Planning & Programming Circle. In order for them to do this they may require input in the form of data and other information from the Field Division and other Circles within RHD.


SE-FC will receive a request from SE-PPC to furnish particulars for a project lying in his area to undertake the preparation of a PCP in the prescribed proforma. SE-FC will forward this request to the relevant EE-Field within his Circle to furnish the particulars in the prescribed proforma, with supporting papers e.g. project, description, location, status, cost, description of similar project completed/in progress etc.).


Upon receiving this request from SE-FC, the relevant EE-FD, with the assistance of the appropriate SDE will comply with the request and provide the requested information to SE-FC in the required format.

Where the PCP relates to a proposed new road, the widening of an existing road or any other project that may require land take or the demolition of existing properties (whether or not they lie within the existing RHD right-of-way) then, amongst other things, the PCP should include the following:

A review of existing data relating to the project (traffic counts, topographical mapping, hydrology ground investigations, land ownership, utilities, etc.).

A summary and analysis of both the existing data and any additional data collected, including CBR of the subgrade and existing pavement layers (if any), the 50 or 20 year flood return event for the region as appropriate, traffic forecasts in PCUs and ESAs for the agreed design year, together with traffic accident data for an existing road if to be upgraded.

A statement of the particular design standards to be used cross-referenced with confirmation of compliance with the general requirements of the current RHD design manuals, standards and guidelines.

Survey of the existing terrain including existing road width, embankment height, width and slope, material for reclamation, topographical (including levels) survey and initial environmental evaluation (IEE-See OP/SE/3.1).

The right of Way for the project (if an existing road) or required Right of Way (if a proposed new road) including required land acquisition, details of existing boundaries and structures.

The preliminary cost estimate for the project should be based on the RHD schedules of rates, design standards and this survey of the locations.

When the draft PCP has been prepared by EE-FD he should forward this to his SE for review and any amendments he may require. Thereafter the SE-F will submit the draft PCP to SE-PPC through the relevant ACE-Zone.
References :

OP/PPC/2.2 - Preparation of Project Concept Paper.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003